SpartanPro1 - Bunker Party Map

Bunker Party Ver. 2.70

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Xmas Bunker, AKA Bunker Party is a large map with a main circular bunker in the center. This map is larger than Reactor and Air Crash, but not YB Factory. On the far left side of the bunker is a Christmas tree, as well as on the far right. C.ME (Catch Me) is game mode exclusive to this map. A remix of the song "We wish you a Merry Christmas" plays on this map, but only on the C.ME game mode.

The Xmas Bunker has 4 levels. First, there is a tunnel underground that you could spawn in. The second level is the main floor area. The third and fourth levels are located inside the large building and can be accessed by going up the ramps inside. This makes the Xmas Bunker the only multiplayer map with over 3 levels. It was added in the 2.70 Christmas update.

Spawn Locations

The Pink Team spawns in front of the Christmas tree on the far right side of the map, as seen in the photo above.  The blue team spawns in the opposite side, where the other Christmas tree is. 

Recommended Weapons

Sniper Rifles - Good for long range combat, and on areas like on top of the Bunker.

Swords - Sword users can hide in small gaps, as well as the two Christmas trees on the map, and ambush players close by.

Trinity - Recommended for close combat range, and taking away a huge chunk of HP.

Laser Guns - Recommended for killing at long/medium range provided you can avoid snipers.

Machine guns - Suited for mid-long range combat, good for taking out players out in the open, but vulnerable to snipers.


It is best to keep an eye out when you are out in the open because you are at risk of being sniped by people above the Bunker, or behind one of the Christmas trees.  Ambushing people behind tight corners, or dropping down from the bunker to a player might be a good idea, and will most likely finish them off. Another strategy is to stay at the top and snipe people coming up the ramps.

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