The X-Max Tree with the Dec. 24 Armor.

The Xmax-Tree is a standalone weapon class introduced in the  Version 2.20 "Christmas Update". The Xmax-Tree is currently the only weapon which possesses a damage bonus only shared with the Laser Cannon, when equipped with the full Dec.24 Armor.

The Xmax-Tree is also classified as a beam weapon, meaning that the Atom Armor's beam weapon damage bonus also applies to this weapon. As such, it is the only weapon to date which possesses two applicable damage bonuses, though they cannot be used at the same time. In some ways, it resembles a Laser Cannon because of it's constant laser attack and cool down. For this reason it is not recommended in PVE.

The weapon behaves similarly to a flamethrower, dispersing a continuous fire of white snowflake-like gas, which can slow PvP opponents down similarly to the R700-AA's stun system. However, only the very first bit of the gas released actually harms the enemy. Due to it being a beam weapon, it is presumed that the weapon has piercing properties.

As of Version 2.20, the weapon's displayed energy consumption is 16 energy per shot, thus being a fairly economic weapon in PvE. However, it has been found out that it appears to consume 1 energy per second when using any equipment offering a reduction in energy consumption: this has been confirmed so far with the Thunder, Pegasus, and Phoenix armor sets, and the ECO-3-VI bag.

X-Max Tree


Xmax-Tree ENG 16 FR 0.20 SPD -1


LV1: POW 176 (Purchase: 210 Mithril)


LV2: POW 202 (Upgrade: $840,000)


LV3: POW 237 (Upgrade: $1,400,000)


LV4: POW 281 (Upgrade: $1,960,000)


LV5: POW 334 (Upgrade: $2,800,000)


LV6: POW 404 (Upgrade: $5,600,000)


LV7: POW 492 (Upgrade: $8,400,000)


LV8: POW 615 (Upgrade: $12,600,000)