Difficulty: ★★★ (Tier 1)


Wrath of Mantis is the first boss for both single player and co-op multiplayer. As with all boss battles, you will have to defeat a wave of aliens before you are teleported to the boss-fight arena. Keep in mind that for every additional player in your party, the health of the aliens and the boss increases.

In Wrath of Mantis, you fight the aliens on the "Space Station" level. This wave of aliens, compared to the primary waves of other bosses, is very short and consists of mixed units along with one Mambull at the last spawn. The Alien wave is very easy even for low-ranked players. Multiple players can easily make short work of this wave, despite the increased health of the aliens due to additional players. The only real pointer is to always check your back, as the map is a very open terrain, allowing Green Ladies and other aliens to sneak up on you. In light of this, the real challenge actually lies in killing Mantis itself.

How Health is determined for Bosses: 

After you finish the initial wave of aliens, the amount of surviving players will determine the amount of health for the boss, but it is unclear by how much. So here are the estimates:

1 player entering the boss fight: Boss HP 100% 

2 players entering the boss fight: Boss HP 150%

3 players entering the boss fight: Boss HP 200%

Fighting the Mantis

General Strategy:

Make sure to dodge all its attacks properly. Don't be afraid to stop firing for a bit to dodge an incoming attack, as firing your weapons slows down your speed. Make sure to use good armor in case it decides to use Laser Beams a lot, and bring along a good gun like a NOVA27 or Machine Gun. If you use a Machine Gun, switch to a lighter weapon to dodge if needed.

Note that the names for the bosses attacks are purely conjectural. These names will not be replaced until they are given official names.

Mantis' Attacks:

Corkscrew Spin: It will do this attack if it has enough distance from a player, by spinning rapidly towards him/her. It goes deceptively fast, so you should stop firing for a while and dodge the attack before resuming firing. If it hits you, it does a good amount of damage and knocks you down, stunning you for a few seconds. This is usually the first attack Mantis does when players enter the arena.

Boomerang Buzzsaws: Mantis launches twin energy Buzzsaws that surround and close in around a player. These are easy to dodge as long as you aren't firing your gun. The buzzsaws travel quite slowly and do a good amount of damage. The buzzsaws will disappear if it hits a wall. Towards Mantis's death, it will start throwing these at you faster.

Tri-Wave: It launches three vertical energy waves in a tri-spread towards a player, like the arrows from the Trinity. The Tri-Waves travel quite fast but are easy to dodge by strafing left or right. It is more lethal in close quarters, so stay away from Mantis whenever possible. Energy waves look similar to the one that the Windblade releases.

Laser Beam: It charges up and fires a laser beam. You'll see a beam charging in its beak, and that is your only warning. It is hard to dodge since it sweeps around most of the field. If it starts charging, you can either hit it and hopefully make it flinch or start running away. If you do start running, run underneath the Mantis or far away from it. Either way, the best defense is good armor, since sometimes this will inevitably hit you no matter what you do. Try to run right when the beam is unleashed, as the beam's aim is made as soon as it attacks, not when it starts charging.

Ground Stab 1: Right after Mantis lands on the ground, it will be in pursuit of you. You can either run to delay the stabbing or let it run up to you and run as soon as it stops to attack. This attack can stun, and push you back.

Ground Stab 2: Mantis will chase you again usually after the first ground stab and will stop and stab you twice. Use the same tactics as the other stab. This will stun you for a few seconds, also pushing you back.

Air Slash: Mantis will chase you, usually after a Corkscrew Spin, and will try to stab you once or twice in the air. Use the same tactics as the other stabs, but try not to let it trap you on a wall, as this attack can be immediately followed by another attack. Unlike other stabs, this attack does not stun the player. Mantis usually does this attack around the middle of the game.

Additional Strategies:

Corkscrew Spin Charge Attack: When the Mantis begins to prepare his Corkscrew attack, stop firing for a moment and run left or right (Firing reduces speed, keep that in mind).

Laser Beam: An attack most players are tricked into moving left or right, when it starts to charge up it would mean it has locked onto your position, at this point you should hope you're not hugging the wall as the smartest way to dodge would be to move backward!

Stabs: Should not be a big concern, just remember to run and shoot at the same time, if you feel that Mantis is too close, stop shooting and distance yourself.

Boomerang Buzzsaws: Every player has feared this attack the most as no matter how experienced you are, you could be hit, at this point your main focus will be to run directly to the area closest to you that is free of the buzz-saw attack. The best way to dodge this move is by backpedalling.


Gold Drops:

The gold the boss gives depends on how many players entered the boss room. Also, each time you kill a boss, the base gold amount will be cut in half the next time you kill him. For example, the Mantis drops 111,110 gold when killing him by yourself, but the next time you kill him you will only get 55,555 gold for killing him by yourself. These amounts posted are the amounts you will get for killing him for the first time of the day.

If you enter the boss stage with just yourself, the base amount you will get:

111,110 gold

If you enter the boss stage with one other player, the base amount you will get is: (This is 20% more gold than just killing him by yourself)

133,332 gold

If you enter the boss stage with two other players, the base amount you will get is: (This is 50% more gold then just killing him by yourself)

166,665 gold

Now multiply those numbers by 1.xx and replace the xx with the amount of "% gold" you have on your armor and backpack combined, which will give you how much gold you will earn for killing that boss with that amount of players the first time of the day.

Mithril Drops:

This boss has a chance to drop between 1-2 mithril. Note that all bosses have the same mithril drop rate, but each boss has a different amount they can drop. Also, each time you acquire any amount of mithril from the boss, the drop rate will decrease for that particular boss until 12 a.m. CDT when it resets.

Wrath of Mantis Glitches:

There are times where the Mantis goes through a wall after doing its Corkscrew Spin. Do not worry, the Mantis will come back, so don't leave.

Ocasionally when you are done with the alien wave, you will not teleport to the boss arena, which is most likely a spawning glitch caused by a player leaving or disconnecting from the room. You may need to leave the room and restart if the room refuses to send you to the boss arena.

Recommended Equipment


  • Hydra Armor - enough speed to evade attacks, with enough HP to survive at least one hit.

The Tank Armor is not recommended for new players, as its speed and HP is too low for players to properly dodge attacks they're unfamiliar with. By the time players can survive comfortably against Mantis using it, they will likely be more than experienced enough not to need equipment advice.


  • Assault Rifles - At least the FR43C, or an MA72 above Lv7. Weapon class has no speed penalties with decent power output.
  • Laser Guns - Behaves similarly to Assault Rifles
  • Plasma - Behaves similarly to the above two weapon classes.
  • Machine Guns - Recommended minimum of the MCP76 at Lv5. A slow weapon class which is hard to dodge with for beginners, but sufficiently high power will allow you to stun-lock the Mantis in place by making it repeatedly flinch.

Various other weapons such as Sniper Rifles, Laser Cannon and the stronger variants of the above weapon classes can also deal effective damage, but they're either unlocked at too high a level or cost too much to obtain. By the time a player possesses these weapons, they would no longer need advice for defeating Mantis.