If you stumbled onto here, then...frankly, I don't have a clue what to do with anything found on this page just yet, but I get the feeling that it can be useful. The main issue is either collating enough data to make a proper page out of it, or I otherwise haven't decided how to express the information written in here.

If you'd like to use anything found here, please lemme know -- I might be able to help explain any ambiguous data written in here, because this is really just a placeholder page for me to put miscellaneous info which I can't slot into any pages just yet.

Bits and pieces of related info which you would've likely found in here if they hadn't already been collated and written into their own article pages:

  • Damage Scaling -- fairly general/qualitative, but good introduction to the concept of the stat scaling that happens in PvP
  • Damage Modifiers -- a quick overview of some of the multiplier mechanics in SW1
  • Damage Bonus -- more in-depth details of how to calculate the POW figures you see in the Customize screen when a weapon bonus is applied
  • User blog:Undead.exe/TouchArcade proof links -- relevant game mechanics and their supporting test proofs that were used and relied upon to figure out more indirectly observable calculations happening in the game (primarily the Dracula recovery properties)

Newbie Purchase Guide <undead.exe>

Fortune Head: 5% for $20,000 <break even after $400,000 after purchase>

Fortune Remnants: 5% for $67,000 <break even after $1,340,000 after purchase>

ECO bag: 10% for $200,000 <break even after $2,000,000 after purchase>

1. Buy Cutter: $25,000 (roughly around Level 4 of Frontline)

2. Buy Fortune Head: $20,000 (roughly around completing Level 5 of Frontline)

3. Upgrade Cutter to Level 8: $300,000 in total

4. Buy MCP76: $400,000 (quickdraw from Cutter to defeat Wrath of Mantis -- should take 10,000 energy, but 15,000 is a safe buffer)

5. For more HP, complete the Fortune Armour ($67,000). For speed and long-term use, buy the ECO bag ($200,000)

6. Buy and equip Thunder Head + Thunder Hands simultaneously: $1,370,000

7. Buy Thunder Legs: $550,000

8. Buy Thunder Chest: $980,000

9. Buy M-27B1: $1,400,000

STK.F vs Jin.Jingle (power stacking)

Test Armour: net power of 40% (Dracula backpack included in set-up)

Teammates: one with STK.F, the other with Jin.Jingle

Test weapon: R700-AA (base power of 4900, effective power of 6860 before factoring in team bonuses)

Prior assumption: when the Dracula's ability is activated, you will recover 65% of the damage that your weapon is outputting.

Test data:

  • With both teammates: recovery of 5095 (29111 --> 34206)
  • With Jin.Jingle guy only: recovery of 4777 (32837 --> 37614)

Damage output:

  • 5095/0.65 = 7838.46
    • 4900 x (1.4 + 0.2) = 7840
  • 4777/0.65 = 7349.23
  • 4900 x (1.4 + 0.1) = 7350

Conclusion 1: Since the HP recovery with both teammates was only equivalent to a power gain of 20%, this therefore means that the Jin.Jingle's effect was overridden by the STK.F, therefore indicating that team power bonuses do not stack at all, even if they're being granted by different backpacks.

Conclusion 2: Both tests were conducted in the same match, which therefore indicates that the STK.F and Jin.Jingle power bonuses only remain active so long as your teammate with that backpack is alive -- if they leave the match, you lose the additional power too.

Damage output: Atom vs. Thunder

Thunder ability vs. Atom beam bonus

The linked graph shows the relative differences in damage output (Y-axis) as the power of the chosen backpack increases (X-axis). Blue represents the Atom's damage output, whereas red represents the Thunder. The intersection point is where x = -0.7125, where the base strength of weapons is multiplied by 0.56785.

Rifle Damage Data (PvP Scaling)

Rifle Comparisons copy

A comparison of the damage done by the indicated weapons. Test conditions were as follows:

  • Two-shots per weapon
  • All weapons fully upgraded
  • Test victim: Viper Armor, VB03-II
  • Test gunner: Thunder Armor, SAM-005-I

Key point of interest: there is some EXTREME weapon scaling happening here: while the M-27B1 should be doing 700 base damage, the FR28a should be doing 70 base damage -- and yet it's doing between 33-50% of the M-27B1's effective damage.

Another thing which hasn't been taken into account: the relative firerates of each weapon. In the case of the NOVA-27 and LIT07, note that while the LIT07 does more damage per shot, the NOVA-27 fires faster than the LIT07. The estimated PvP power ratio of the NOVA-27 to the LIT07 appears very similar to the firerate ratio of the two weapons when they're measured in reverse, suggesting that they do very similar amounts of damage over an extended period of time -- it's really down to whether you prefer each shot having more power (between 12-14% difference), or being able to fire off more shots in the same space of time (12% difference).

HP proportions in PvP

Test gunner: Thunder/Jin.Jingle with White Drill

Note: all victims are using the Tri-O-Avatar (without its ability)

  • Thunder: a little more than 7 hits (8 hits)
  • Atom: 8 hits
  • Phoenix/Cygni: a little more than 10 hits (11 hits)
  • Chaos: a little more than 10 hits (11 hits)
  • Perseus: 11 hits
  • Andromedae: a little more than 11 hits (12 hits)

Non-existence of the Black Hole's Sniper Bonus

Test conditions:

  • Gunner 1: Knight, STK, R700-AA
  • Gunner 2: Black Hole, STK, R700-AA
  • Victim (both instances): Thunder, STK
  • Procedure: Fire at victim once at full health (reset for next test by either killing them or restarting match)

Results: (scroll between two images below)

  • Knight-STK-R700 vs Thunder-STK
  • BlackHole-STK-R700 vs Thunder-STK
  • Gunner 1: Knight, STK, R700-AA
  • Gunner 2: Black Hole, STK, R700-AA
  • Victim (both instances): Thunder, STK
  • Test condition: Fire at victim once at full health (reset for next test by either killing them or restarting match)

No change in damage dealt to the victim at all. All the damage is coming from their natural POW bonuses -- the sniper bonus doesn't exist.

Double-Rages HP levels (solo)

Tests performed over multiple runs due to data pollution in first run (Reflection's beam arc kicking in, one direct sniper hit on second Mantis while shield still active)

Assumptions made:

  • Main beam fired by the Reflection still deals the same amount of damage even when it rebounds
  • Neither Mantis's HP levels change or get modified when other Mantis dies

Test conditions:

  • Online Double Rages Match (one player enters alone)
  • Set-up: Full Atom Armour, D-WINGS, REFLECTION (9227 damage per shot)
  • Procedure:
    • Green Mantis: fire at repeatedly using only the Reflection, count number of shots till death (most reliably via a video recording)
    • Blue Mantis: bring down Green Mantis's HP to half with whatever weapon desired, and then proceed with the same procedure as above on Blue Mantis (ensure no stray shots or explosions damage Blue Mantis at any point before beginning sniper count)
  • Green Mantis: dies after 20 hits (175,313 - 184,540 HP)
  • Blue Mantis: dies after 9 hits (73,816 - 83,043 HP)

Damage scaling on POW bonuses

Might go and make this section into a full blog later, but this sample data with the R700-AA against 30,000 HP is kind of doing my head in. Test conditions are as follows:

  • One shot with the R700-AA (fully upgraded), increments from 0-90% POW in 10% increments
  • Test victim: Atom Armor, DRACULA (30,000 HP total)

R700AA 10POWIncrements 30000HP

Comparing the lowest and highest amounts of damage dealt...that definitely isn't a 90% increase on the amount of HP lost.

Damage Modifiers and Damage Bonuses seem to be exempt from this scaledown -- an Atom/STK/R700-AA user can one-shot the 30,000 HP build, despite its PvE damage multiplier being x1.885 -- from the composite image, a power hybrid with a 90% POW bonus (i.e. a x1.9 PvE multiplier -- higher than that of the Atom/STK pairing) was unable to kill the 30,000 HP armour in one shot.

One thing's for sure though: as harmless as those Vipers look, they can and will actually take a giant chunk of your HP off if you let them get free shots in -- quite a bit more than you'd suspect if you thought the POW bonuses weren't scaled in PvP. Anything that comes with some kind of damage modifier is also proportionally stronger in PvP than their PvE numbers would suggest.

Now to figure out exactly how strong low POW builds actually are in practice, and time to reconsider the overall value of firerate bonuses...