This is an archive of an old blog -- most of the information and techniques written here (with the exception of quickdrawing) can no longer be performed. I'm restoring it for personal reasons, given that it's the first article I wrote on this wiki.

Good day, and welcome to a blog page which is comprised of 50% potentially useful combat techniques, and 50% potential/actual/flagrant self promotion >.>

There are a variety of strange weapon techniques I've stumbled upon (and/or designed) while playing this game. Most of these are quite ammo-intensive if used in PvE, but they generally allow you to achieve some extreme levels of damage output when they're used correctly.

Anyway, if you're interested, continue reading below, and enjoy :P

Before we continue any further: please do not hack for mithril or download an IAP-hacked savefile. The game developers spent a lot of time making this game, and it is unfair for them if you want to instantly hack to obtain all the mithril weapons in the game, or at least the ones necessary to perform some of the techniques detailed below.

Please either make a proper in-app purchase so that the developers are financially rewarded for your desire to play the game, or do the hard yards like some of the older veteran players on this game. Using TapJoy and the other in-game options to earn mithril is acceptable, because Freyr presumably would not have allowed us to earn mithril that way if they weren't getting something back for it.

Twin Snipers

There are two versions of this: there is an unscoped version, and there is also a version which you can use while scoped-in. Basically, change to the second sniper immediately after firing the first, and it will automatically fire. This firing mechanism is also present in the Black Disk, Light Swords, and strangely enough, the shotguns (including the Morpheus) as well.

In PvP, this effectively allows you to simulate a railgun which is strong enough to kill most armours in one hit, depending on your armour's power bonuses. A hyper clip on the R700 will give you a proper one-hit kill that's stronger than this set-up, but this technique will allow you to retain that level of firepower throughout the whole match.


This is a lag-cancelling technique for the MCP76, M-27B1 and the Laser Cannon: if you fire one weapon first (i.e. hold the right stick), and then change to one of the aforementioned weapons, you will skip the usual start-up time and begin firing immediately. Because this technique only requires you to hold the right stick for the first weapon rather than firing it, it's possible to quickdraw from the Railguns, and even directly between any of the weapons mentioned.

This is a particularly useful technique to squeeze in more damage in a boss fight if you needed to stop firing to dodge an attack, and can also be used to compete with a teammate using the Crab for alien kills by cancelling out the start-up time of the two weapons. It should be noted that the accuracy of your first few shots may suffer when quickdrawing on an enemy at long range, so players who are particularly pedantic about even low levels of ammo wastage may prefer to use the start-up time of the machine guns or the Laser Cannon to align their aim rather than this technique.

Note that using the Laser Cannon in weapon-switching techniques can do some very peculiar things to its overheat/cooldown cycle. In particular, if you fire the Laser Cannon, switch to another weapon, and then switch back without ever releasing the right stick, it seems like it doesn't actually begin the cooldown. The mechanism of the overheat/cooldown mechanism isn't fully understood yet.

RPG Combo

The principle behind this technique is to simulate near-continuous automatic fire of weapons with low firerates by firing multiple weapons of the same class one after another. This is primarily known as the "RPG Combo" as it currently appears to be the most effective weapon class to apply this technique to.

Performance of the technique involves holding down the right stick, and then continuously rotating between the different weapons to create a continuous stream of projectiles. While the RPG Combo was originally conceived as a close-ranged counter to the Windblade and the Trinity, the speed of the rockets allows for this technique to be used at mid-range. A more efficient version of this technique involves adding the the Trinity alongside the RPGs. As stated below though, please use this technique with discretion due to its rather overkill nature.

Note that the overall effectiveness of the RPGs may be limited outside of a set-up involving the Cygni Armour and the Jin Jingle or the STK backpack: this specific set-up provides both mobility and power due to the Cygni Armour's set bonuses (+1 speed for the full set and a 20% damage bonus to RPGs). While it's possible to obtain higher levels of damage output using a hybrid armour set geared towards power bonuses, the drop in mobility may affect your overall ability to chase down opponents and scout the map. Using the RPG Combo alongside the Phoenix Armour effectively turns it into an upgraded version of the Phoenix/Trinity combination, particularly the combo variant includes the Trinity itself.

Note that weapon scaling exists in PvP. As a result, the RPG-24 and RPG-31 are much weaker than the Black Stars (because the Black Stars technically does a lower amount of damage, but then fires three rockets). Please use this technique with some discretion -- the general PvP community may not appreciate the use of a technique which requires large amounts of gold and mithril.

Excessive usage of this technique may trigger partial or complete invisibility in the user: the Explosives Glitch will also be triggered simultaneously, which impairs the user's firing mechanism.

Derivative: Shotgun Combo

Using multiple shotguns one after another can actually kill a PvP opponent significantly faster than the RPG Combo. The issue with a Shotgun Combo, however, is that damage varies significantly depending on the distance between the user and the opponent. Furthermore, shotguns have almost no lateral range, making it hard to aim with this particular combo while moving (whereas with the RPG Combo, the splash damage extends the lateral range significantly).

Derivative: Grenade Combo

Similarly to the Shotgun Combo, using multiple Grenade Launchers one after another results in a PvP technique which kills opponents significantly faster than the original RPG Combo. Again, however, the Grenade Combo shares the Shotgun Combo's weakness of having no lateral range because grenades will not immediately explode upon touching any surface (i.e. a direct hit is required for an immediate explosion): this means that it is impractical to hit an opponent who is moving, greatly impairing the combo's effectiveness as an actual combat technique. Furthermore, the Grenade Combo is significantly more likely to trigger the Explosives Glitch than the RPG Combo, which will further impair the player's ability to continue participating in the match with the Grenade Launchers.

Light Swords

Currently, a Sword Combo cannot be created or used: switching between the different light swords during a swing simply causes the weapons to switch mid-swing: this appears to cancel any damage the slash would ordinarily do if the user switches swords at certain times, and no additional damage appears to register betseen switching swords.

Synthesis Combo

This particular technique combines various principles and mechanisms from the combat techniques outlined above, hence the name "Synthesis". (The original author decided that "Combo Combo" made for a rather poor name...)

The combo was designed as a boss killing technique, used to exploit when a boss is standing still or flinching. It is highly impractical to use in PvP, if not for the reason that most players will already die from the two snipers alone -- and the fact that opponents usually won't stand still long enough for you to hit them with the full combo.

Prior to the Version 2.10 update of Star Warfare, the original version consisted of both snipers, one or two RPGs (depending on how many hyper clips you want to carry), and then the M-27B1 or Laser Cannon. After the Version 2.10 update, the newer version and application of the technique now includes the Black Disk because it can strike a boss multiple times in one pass. It also features a revised weapon order (this is because the RPG has an inexplicable tendency to explode at point-blank range if it is not the first weapon fired).

There are two ways of using this set-up. As in the original version of the technique, you may fire both snipers, and then use the RPG to quickdraw the Laser Cannon or M-27B1. However, your average damage output will fall the more time you spend on the Cannon or chaingun, because most of the damage is concentrated in the initial burst of weapons. The second way of using the set-up is to cycle through all the weapons and to skip the chaingun or Cannon: this will allow you to maintain a steadily high damage output, but you won't be able to move and aim properly while using it (something you can do if you transition to the automatic weapon, and then move while continuing to fire it).

Actually performing this technique is tricky. A sniper will not fire if you are holding down the right stick when you switch to it; however, the Black Disk and snipers can automatically fire the next weapon you switch to. In contrast, most other weapons will only fire if you are either holding down the right stick, or if you switched from a firing railgun or Black Disk.

Repeated execution of the technique requires consistent timing: repeating the combo too fast will cause certain weapons not to fire due to their low firerate, while performing it too slowly may allow a boss to land a strike on the player if it isn't made to flinch quickly enough.

The actual base damage per second is as follows:

[2660 x (1 or 2) + 4900 + 3500 + 2625] / 1.5 = 9123 or 10,896

(depending on how many times the Black Disk hits)

In effect, the base damage of the newer variant of the Synthesis Combo effectively doubles the damage output of the M-27B1 (4117.64 dps) and the Laser Cannon while it's actually firing (5250 dps). Examples of the technique's application can be found below

  • Poison Pit (Version 1)
  • Poison Pit(Prototype Version 2, rocket exploded in player's face and did not travel)
  • Siegfried (Prototype Version 2, only two of the six rockets actually hit Siegfried)
  • Serpent (Version 2)