So, for anyone who happened to stumble upon this blog, what sorts of minimum requirements do you have of your teammates for each boss, and what sorts of things are deal-breakers which would actually let you leave the match? While the title of this blog mentions rank/armour, you can be as broad as you want -- could be anything from playstyle, behaviour, perceived lag...anything at all, really.

Be prepared to discuss your underlying reasons, though -- I'm not out to criticise anyone's preferences, but I *am* interested to know why you've adopted your particular stance on certain things.

Lemme get the ball rolling: in my previous days, I basically set my minimum requirements like this when I'm hosting a match:

  • Wrath of Mantis: Rank 5, Strike or Titan Armours
  • Poison Pit: Rank 7, most pieces of the Thunder or Atom Armours
  • Siegfried: Rank 8, Thunder Armour or above
  • Double Rages: Rank 10, Thunder Armour or above
  • Serpent: Rank 10, preferably Draco Armour and above.

As of late, however, I've basically stopped caring altogether what rank and equipment my teammates have: all I really care now is that they try their best to do some damage if they're very new (e.g. Ranks 4-5, Fortune or lower-levelled hybrids), or at least pull their weight while trying NOT to get themselves killed if they're above Rank 7 or so.

There is one thing that will prompt me to leave or basically stop playing cooperatively: freeloading. I don't particularly care during the alien rush, but if a player is refusing to use ammunition during the boss fight, I'll pretty much leave once I stop enjoying the match. Ammo expense doesn't really concern me that much, but I have no intention of carrying people who are simply too selfish to fight.

For anyone who doesn't really know me, part of the reason I opened up this discussion is this: I've basically discarded the Perseus Armour in favour of the Thunder Armour for every single boss fight, including Double Rages and Serpent. About 80% of the time, any Perseus-clad player who sees me will immediately leave at the beginning of the match before even watching what I do -- which is particularly bizarre because my opening move is always to make a beeline straight for where the toughest alien is about to spawn despite having so little HP (e.g. the Rhino on Serpent). That should about let them know that I don't think I need their help staying alive.

Anyway...let the discussion begin :P (...if anyone reads this >.>)

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