If you're wondering about the title of this blog, I recently stumbled onto the Chinese translation of Star Warfare: the app itself is identical to the English version in every way (as far as I can tell, players using either app version can play alongside each other), just that all the text has been replaced with Chinese. we have anyone who's fluent at reading the characters, and is willing to translate some of the differing names for us? I picked out the boss names, and I can't say I'm entirely confident on all of them. But either way, here they are, for your amusement (or bemusement, even, at some of these):

  • Wrath of Mantis --> 黄雀 --> "Yellow Bird"
  • Poison Pit --> 毒液 --> "Venom"
  • Siegfried --> 屠龙 --> "Slaughter Dragon"
  • Double Rages --> 逆袭 --> "Counter Attack" (I'm not 100% sure of this one)
  • Serpent --> 七寸 --> "Seven Inches" (...seriously, wth kind of name is THAT? o___O)

So...any native speakers willing to correct or clarify these? I've got enough ability with one of the dialects to know that most of them should be fairly close, but I've never heard of the characters used for "Double Rages" before...and please don't simply use Google Translate or something, that's probably going to be even less accurate than my attempts >.>

If there are any interesting differences between the English and Chinese text anywhere, please let us know :P


I'm comparing the two apps side by side on an iPad 3 (or rather, I'm swiping back and forth between the two), and I'm noticing that the Chinese version of Star Warfare appears to have lower resolution graphics: the details on the Laser Cannon and the pieces of the armour are considerably more pixelated in the Chinese version than it is the English version, strangely enough.

  • Left: English Version|Right: Chinese Version
  • Left: English Version|Right: Chinese Version