Oh well. No party-blasting start for this blog. The title says it all, anyway.

I am finished with the Star Warfare series. If Freyr Games are finished with the series, so am I. Thank you, Star Warfare. Two fun games with unique gunplay.

Ever since I started playing Star Warfare: Alien Invasion in 2012, I immediately had a blast with it. It had a really nice concept. It had a really unique style of gunplay for a third-person shooter. It was simple in the old days, but a lot of fun.

If I can recall the amount of time I have spent on playing Alien Invasion, I would feel like a World War veteran. My adventures with Alien Invasion would go on from starting in 2012 to this present new year. All the experience I have gained from this one game has never been any more plentiful. Overseeing the changes it had undergone year by year, I became happier with how it had turned out. Six years of pure gold Alien Invasion experience. What more can I say?

With the release of Payback in 2014, I was proud of how successful the first game was, spawning a sequel. Although I had less experience and more rants about its later content, I had a great run. Can't say anything more about Payback, but still, thank you.

I'm proud of my time with the Star Warfare series. I shall keep all my forms of experience in memory. Thank you, Star Warfare.

(blog rating 4/20 -IGN)

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