It's Been a Fun Ride

Hey guys. I got one last SW1 map for you today. YB Factory, the largest SW1 map. Surpsingly, this was one of the easiest maps to replicate, taking only 5 days. Depiste its monstorous size, YB Factory has very simple square shapes, unlike Microwave or Xmas Bunker. My forge skills have come a long way since the Air Crash replica. And to celebrate completing the final SW1 PvP map, I have thrown in a handful of Halo 5's most OP weapons. Enjoy the mayhem below. 

If you play Halo 5 and would like to download the map for yourself, click this link. Be sure to also to download the Star Warfare game modes as well for the best possible enjoyment. Note that all Star Warfare maps work only with Magenta and Cyan teams for TDM.

Map secrets showcase coming next week exclusively on my YouTube channel. Cheers!

Halo 5 Forge YB Factory-107:34

Halo 5 Forge YB Factory-1

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