Doesn't Actually Cook Food

Hey guys. SIlent Andromeda here, back again with yet another Star Warfare map recreated through Halo 5 Forge. If you play Halo 5 and would like to download the map for yourself, click this link. Be sure to also to download the Star Warfare game modes as well for the best possible enjoyment. Note that all Star Warfare maps work only with Magenta and Cyan teams for TDM. This map took 2 weeks to make. Enjoy!

NOTE: If you have criticisms regarding the central tower, please note that I have to battle against certain technological limitations in Forge. There aren't props that allow me to create a smooth cylindrical structure, so I replicated it using blocks. You will see areas of misalignment, which are a result of the intense difficulty to create smooth structures with rough blocks. It's all a matter of manipulating the geometry.

SECOND NOTE: Microwave in Star Warfare is infamous for its corner exploits. This map does not have any of those exploits. If you were a turkey who loved to abuse those glitches, you're not going to like this map. 

Halo 5 Forge Microwave04:45

Halo 5 Forge Microwave

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