Now With Flying Kajiggers

Hey everyone. It's that time again. Today I bring you the second remix of Frozen Pole -- Killing Storm. A map believed to original serve as a normal PvP map, but was later soley dedicated to the game mode Mutant. And unlike my other Forge showcases, this map actually supports Mutant. One player will spawn next to a random vehicle. Once they enter the vehicle, they are sent to the arena where they can unleash hell on the poor souls below. Killing Storm has by far been the easiest map to recreate through Forge. 

If you play Halo 5 and would like to download the map for yourself, click this link. Be sure to also to download the Star Warfare game modes as well for the best possible enjoyment.

Enjoy the video below!

Halo 5 Forge Killing Storm07:45

Halo 5 Forge Killing Storm

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