Time to Splatter Some Lemmings

Sup. I'm back again with another Star Warfare 1 map recreated in Halo 5 through Forge. This time, we have Garage, the central hub of F4A turkey matches (and by "matches", I mean them standing around waiting to spawnkill noobs). Due to limitations of Forge's resources, I had to get really creative for the vehicle props. The tall vehicles were created by me using a submarine, support girders, and some tires. I hope you enjoy the video below, as this took a straight week of vigorous forging with viturally no breaks. If you play Halo 5 and would like to download the map for yourself, click this link. Be sure to also to download the Star Warfare game modes as well for the best possible enjoyment. Note that all Star Warfare maps work only with Magenta and Cyan teams for TDM. Toodles!

NOTE: Be sure to explore the map. There are a couple of secrets hidden from the showcase video.

Halo 5 Forge Garage06:09

Halo 5 Forge Garage

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