The Snow Finally Melted

So after making Garage, I decided to take Hex8227's advice and venture into the realm that is "outside". There was this large orange orb in the sky and it was really hot. But now I'm back inside and my eyes haven't adjusted to the darkness yet. Anyway, I got back to forging more dank SW maps. And today, I bring you one of the first two SW maps to be featured in the very first PvP update. For those who joined after December 10 of 2012, the snowy map Ancient Vision previously had a desert aesthetic. Well after nearly 4 years, the desert map is back. I had originally wanted to recreate this map first, but decided to start with more square and simple maps to sharpen my forging skills.

If you play Halo 5 and would like to download the map for yourself, click this link. Be sure to also to download the Star Warfare game modes as well for the best possible enjoyment. Note that all Star Warfare maps work only with Magenta and Cyan teams for TDM. This map took 1 week to create from scratch.

NOTE: Be sure to explore a bit. There are some areas of interest that you could not reach in the original Star Warfare game. These areas hold some goodies for you.


Halo 5 Forge Ancient Vision07:22

Halo 5 Forge Ancient Vision

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