Hm what was I typing this blog for again. Oh yeah.... Wait... ;-;

Oh yeah! Well guys I don't know if it's the antibiotics I'm taking, the ibuprofen I just had to take because I feel like I'm swalloing razor blades, or the alleve I took 5 hours ago because of my strep throat, or it could just be that it's 1 in the morning and I'm feeling weird... Idk

I made a fanfic on November 20th, 2013 with my old wiki account starstrike01, now listed as NightWeilder (-_-........ I spelled the god forsaken name wrong. Damn still can't get over that). I made the last episode 3 I believe as an ending because it was kind of bad, believe me I had no idea what was going on in my head when I made that one. It still brings back memories looking over old stuff though. Anyway I'm gonna start a new fanfic just like I told to David Saiku in the comments.

) makes a weird smiling face*

Enjoy (And btw this has absolutely nothing to do with StarWarfare, maybe, I'm just thinking up stuff as I go. And I hope you guys don't mind if I use some of your usernames because I might not be able to think of some made up characters)


"Comms check," Jean says.

"Check," replies StarStrike and David.

"Foxtrot Once please be advised the drone above is for surveillance and is painted with infrared, do not target," The Pure Fighter commands.

"Affirmative command," Jean responds and then looks at his squad members. "You know the mission do NOT engage unless you see  weapon in their hands, if anything we do not even need to be seen. In and out, we get that part these people need for their ship and we leave.

They both nod in confirmation.

David uses the crowbar to open the locked door and they quietly move in.

"Supressors on?" Jean asks.

"Yes, sir," David confirms.

"Affirm- Oh shit," StarStrike begins to search his pockets and finally pulls out the large supressor.

"Jesus Christ, " Jean mumbles and shakes his head.

StarStrike has difficulty screwing the supressor on the barrel, and David yanks the gun and supressor away from him to do it himself

"What the hell man?" David says, annoyed." Jean's now gonna think we're a shitshow."

StarStrike takes both items back.

"I know how to put on a supressor! It just takes me a while," StarStrike begins to struggle again.

Jean takes both the gun and supressor forcefully and quickly puts the attachment on the gun. "Alright let's focus on our objective, I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see you struggling with a supressor."

The 3 enter another door and begin to walk towards the main part of the compound. Though they noticed the black cylintrical shaped objects blinking red, they just thought of it as part of the gear Mystixian gave them.

-End of Episode 1

The reason it's so short is because I want time to think on small content so I don't have to focus on so many aspects and I feel it will bring out the most in each episode.

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