Welp. I haven't made a blog post on this wiki in a long time. I don't remember my old username. It could've been StarStrike01, StarStrike567, NightShade, or NyteLocke. Anyway I can't believe to see how this place has changed. The change is like super drastic. Like Jesus Christ there's something called a graveyard shift on TV but this place is a like the actual graveyard. Damn. Idk why I'm even making this blog post (Prob cause I'm bored), I'm just going to say I'm making it to remind us of what this place was like 3-4 years ago. I remember when me and Mystixian/StarWarrior01 or whatever the hell username he goes by now used to get on this wiki like all the time. There were ppl in the chat there was a community and now I randomly check this site to see the same thing on recent activity. "______ has edited _______, or some stuff like that. I remember our Stryker incidents and Freyr frustration discussions when people were ACTUALLY in chat. Now the people still here discuss memes and halo. Like Jesus Christ we have stooped to a very low level, but it's only because now Star Warfare is just not as popular. People actually used to make fan based blogs back then like fan fiction. Well anyways I hope Freyr comes out with a new game and more people join the wiki, this has been by far the best forum community I have ever been in, with very smart, mature, and nice people. Thanks to all

Special thanks:

Tyguy.00, Jean, Aazelion, Ilovemitsubishi, Dragonmachine, ECSL, The Epic War Lord King Shoot, Mystixian, Apex Percival, Armando Commando, Reaper of Lost Sould, AssCockRocket (for making me laugh searching through wiki users), Cold Rice, Hex8227, Hunterninjacat, Undead.exe, Laser Perseus, and many more for making this community memorable.

And what the hell happened to Reaper of Lost Souls and Armando Commando. Why were they blocked?

Those to were tight

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