Hello, so I will be making a page tomorrow for new weapon ideas, now send me in enough terms, descriptions, if it's a really great idea, I'll make your weapon you desired to see, draw it up, possibly color, most likely color it in, and post it up here, and have a page for it to have it be made as an official weapon, it's a big plan, big idea I came up with but this is something I've been wanting to do, my friend suggested I become a moderator for star warfare alien invasion, so I got this idea because I can't become a moderator. Tell me your ideas, stuff you want to see In this game, ideas, armor ideas, weapon ideas, backpack ideas, I'm not doing stages, at least not yet, possible new things, yeah just report them in, and give me some support here so we can really get these plans in here seen by Freyr games directly and really well please everybody, listen I'm doing a really kind thing here giving all of my fellow pal gamers In this game this page so don't waste my time please guys, Ik I'm asking for work, but if you r not helping me out with facts I need or stuff like that for your stuff, how does it get out there? Listen I'm not being mean or rude I'm simply being logical, if you want your work out there, your brilliant creations and ideas here's where you put them, if I can get others to help make pages like this and to share each others progress our chances for this to be a success will be multiplied, now I need some rest. So tell me some ideas now, and if this is a good plan, and if you support it.