You shall bow down to me next time-)

Just killed him with a black disk. Do you want that to happen to you?

Ok, first of all, this blog is about noobs or inexpirienced players in star warfare going into online games with very expirienced players. I've been agitated about this since when they get on to my team, it ruins the fun when I'm versing expirienced players.I'm only talking about PvP, not PvE. The oly that is good about this is when noobs are on the other team since i don't need to worry about them, but when they are on my team, it is just terrible having them die all the time, especially in team death match. This also anoying in CTF since the noobs can't really protect you against expirienced players. It's usually that a noob stays in a hard game. People who are smart would just get out of the game if they were a noob. So noobs, please stay out of those games and if you see pink ranks on both teams before going in the game, don't go in it.

I have some reasons that I thought of why noobs go into games that have expirienced players:

1.) They want to die every time they respawn.

2.) They think they can got lost of gold by playing with exprienced players.

3.) They are trolling people (which is usaully not the reason since they shoot players on the other team).

4.) They are just stupid in thinking they could win even with expirienced players on their team, since expirienced players can't always beat the other team.

Comment to show your support about this. Noobs, if you have anything to say about this, comment below.