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Star Warfare Speedrun Checklist (To Rank 7)

Estimated Time: 2 hours 30 minutes


  • Defeat Online Mantis (1)
  • Buy 25 000 ammo
  • Complete Singleplayer campaign Front Lines Stages 1-3
  • Upgrade FR28a to Level 3
  • Complete Singleplayer campaign Front Lines Stages 4 & 5
  • Play Singleplayer campaign Front Lines Stage 6 (5 minutes)
  • Buy ECO-03-VI
  • Defeat Online Mantis 2
  • Defeat Online Mantis 3
  • Buy Fortune armor
  • Defeat Online Poison Pit 1
  • Defeat Online Mantis 4
  • Defeat Online Mantis 5
  • Buy MCP-76
  • Defeat Singleplayer Mantis 6
  • Buy 45 000 ammo
  • Defeat Singleplayer Mantis 7
  • Buy 45 000 ammo
  • Defeat Online Poison Pit 2
  • This should be enough for Rank 7

The general idea is to fight bosses before getting appropriate equipment using the skill of other players. This means the speedrun relies mostly on luck: If no professional players join my boss battles, I will be unable to complete the speedrun.

EDIT: This will be recorded.

EDIT #2: Forgot to put ammo purchase for the final Mantis battles.

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