Hey all! This is bolt1217! I recently had ideas to create a star warfare fanfiction. I ask you to not delete this page, I am only hoping for people to have some entertainment. I will do a new chapter now and then, as I am also working on another book. Please comment to help critique the story please do not edit it directly. Also, chapter ideas and side storylines would be appreciated. I do not own Star Warfare Alien Invasion of Freyr. This is purely a fan made story for enjoyment.


Chapter 1

It was the year 1000R and humanity had deserted Earth and conquered parts of the known universe. Humanity had made many enemies in their conquest, "Alien" forces that had rebelled and failed against Humanity's great armies and weapons. With a new source of unimaginable energy, mithrillium, having been found, life forms of all types raced to gather it. However, after Humanity led an army to conquer the area, all other races left their claims and ran. Humanity hogged all of the power for itself, untill THEY came. The attacks were brutal, THEY came from nowhere and disappeared to nowhere. The richest and most fortified mithril colony was UBW-594244. That was the final target. When Humanity's flagship was destroyed, almost all hope was lost. Then, on a secret base on UBW-594244 an advanced mithril technology was used to create super suits. When THEY invaded, Humanity would be ready.

Chapter 2

It was 0200 in the morning when the first pods hit. They were organic matter, bubbly, gooey things. They held strong when they reached their landing zones and impacted. They slowly slipped into pits they created and started oozing out goo. Out of the goo pits, small seed like matter was released. The organisms quickly grew and marched out of the pits, searching for mithril. The ordinary human colonists of UBW-594244 were quickly killed when the aliens stormed over cities, allowing new pods to land in a secure zone. Their hunt for mithril was relentless. They drained so much mithril, that some mithril exploded and made the air impossible for humans to breathe in. At the same time, the Joint Alliance of Humans formed and prepared an army of super soldiers from technology devised on UBW-594244. They eventually broke apart and formed seperate small armies that only looked out for themeselves and the newly formed Coalition of Humans.

Chapter 3

One of the first to break away, were the Star Warriors. Then came, the 901st screaming seigfrieds, the andromedea galaxy, and more clans. They were all mercenary clans, that were sent to UBW-594244 AKA, Mithalian. They went in the newest technologically advanced suits and headed out to exterminate the alien threat.

Chapter 4

The following is an excerpt from the holo journal Captain Mathias of the Star Warriors.

It was 1900 hours when we entered the atmosphere. You could tell the planet was poisoned by looking at the dying vegetation, and the dirty clouds. We had three ships going in, and we would receive reinforcements from the other teams later.

2000 Hours- We safely entered the atmosphere but lost contact with the deployment cruiser up above. They seemed to have been hit by multiple objects, but we don't know if they survived.

2200 Hours- I survived the crash, but most of the others weren't as lucky. Now our three ships are separated, 3 of my squad survived, and we are stuck on a hostile planet with no immediate escape route. But THEY know we are here. And THEY will find us.

What happened that day is not completely known, but we believe that the aliens inhabiting UBW had fired the anti-space cannons near Stadium Arcadium. The deployment cruiser had attempted to stop a ship, Brimstone from cruising by, and had been incapacitated by stun cannons. The remaining reinforcements could not leave, and left the Star Warriors to die.