Hey guys, I've recently been inspired to write a new fanfic, and don't worry, it hopefully won't be as cruddy as my last ones, and I intend to actually Finish this one, suprise! Welp, hope y'all enjoy. Oh yeah, and I know that alot of people are gonna say that I should finish my previous ones before making this, but the thing is, I honestly don't care for any of my old fanfics, and I wouldn't be able to figure out how to end the fanfics anyway.

P.S. I forgot how to change the title, but I think the name is gonna be something like Project N1-X


X-mas Bunker, 

December 14, 30067.

Medic Squad leader Jeffery Armstrong was sitting at the top of the X-mas Tower. Well, at least thats what the officer leading the defence mission calls it. Scouts had seen bomber airplanes and a battalion coming over the herizion, and so Jeffs medical went with a small taskforce to the Tower to defend it. But what puzzled Jeffery was why was he up here, on the watch, I mean, he was a Medic, not a soldier. He wished he could be in the warm downstairs, with heating and all. He took off his helmet for a brief second, to rub his face quickly. Looking behind him, Jeff saw another soldier blowing warm breath onto his hands. "Cold night, isn't it?" Jeffery said. "Y-yeah." The person shivered. "I come frrromm a place that's actually pretty uh, warm." 

"Oh, Where's that?"

"C-Clandere, you may have heard of it, it just kinda apeared after the Sun was destroyed. Then when Planet 55 happened, it almost got melted. So yeah."

"Heh, I've heard of it. I come from Scorri."

"Oh ye- hang on, do you see that guy down there?" 

Jeffery went over to where the soldier was standing. A strange man in some kind of suit of gray armor with glowing green parts was limping towards the bunker, but when he noticed them watching, he stopped, and raised his arm, seeming to snap his fingers at them. Suddenly with a rush of wind and green lights, he sped straight past them at incredible force. Bam. He was suddenly behind them. "Who are you?! State y-you're business!" The guy Jeff had been talking to, raised his Pistol. The stranger spoke in a quietly smooth voice, "I'll tell you my name, after you tell me where Dr. Kedlore is." Jeffery looked at the man, confused. "He was arrested for illegal studies and expirements. He served his sentence of 13 years years in prison, and then he disapeared..." He blurted. He breathed in for a second and held his breath, as he usually did when he was nervous. They both could tell that the stranger's face had gone stone cold inside the helmet. "He should have been in there longer, he should have served a sentence of life in jail! But then I wouldn't be able to have my fun with him." He growled, shaking his head. "Well, thank you boys." He turned around and walked to the edge of the tower, seemingly about to jump off. "W-Wait, you're not going anywhere, you must tell us you're name and then come with us!" He stopped. "Oh that's right." He was suddenly right infront of them. Jeffery had just noticed that it seemed the man's helmet had a glowing green smile. O-Oh, heh um, well that's kinda creepy... But his voice is kinda sexy... The man leaned in between them and said in a very, very low voice, "My name is Nix, which originates from the german word for, nothing." And with that, the man snapped his fingers twice, and everything went black. 

Chapter One

Small Bunker; Location: unkown,

September 14, 30050.

Today was a stormy day. I don't really like stormy days. Makes me shiver, thinking there is something bigger and darker then humanity. N1-X, however, seems to love them. This sounds crazy but... that kid has started to grow on me, and I know he shouldn't be. I mean, he's an artificial human. A soulless monster. But I've just gotten so used to him hanging out in my lab, playing with the color cube, keeping me company. And I'm going to miss him, when he dies. Of course, he is going to die, in maybe the next couple of years? Thats how long his "Brother" lasted anyway. Oh who am I kidding, -sigh- look at me, contemplating how long an 8 year-old will live. I'm just as much of a monster as he is. As any of the other humans are...

- Dr. Kedlore signing off.

Bryan Kedlore stopped the voice diary and let out a long yawn. "I had better go check on N1 and get some sleep." He doused his cigarette in his ashtray and got up from his desk. Putting on his lab coat, he walked out into the the Monitor Room. To Bryans amusement, the kid was still up, reading a book. He dimmed the lights to signal lights out. The kid didn't seem to notice. Kedlore sighed, shutting off the lights and went to his bedroom, where he sat down on his bed and took out a sheet of paper on a clipboard. He rubbed his head and thought, tomorrow his next check up is due, and I'll throw in an extra training session, then I'll perform a few tests on him. He wrote it all down and climbed into bed. Right before t.urning off the light, he glanced at the strange green Mythril that he had recieved from the Andromadae, to study.  

X-mas Bunker, 

December 14, 30067.

Nix was hiding under a giant Christmas tree. Nix had never celebrated this "Christmas". It was a strange thing that the People celebrated. Monsters weren't alowed. He'd tried to come celebrate with a family that he'd found in an apartment. They didn't seem to like his sudden entrance into their appartment through their window. But I couldn't find the door so I had no other choice! Though, I probably should've chosen a family without several glass bottles and axes. He had subdued them as soon as they started attacking him of course. No need for authorities investigating the sound of yelling, glass shattering and the sound of Eggnog spilling all over the place. Does Eggnog make any noise when it spills? Well, it had to him. He took off his helmet to take a sneeze. Before putting it back on he sniffed the air and was shocked to smell an aroma he hadn't smelled in a long time. In a very, very long time. Pudding? They actually put pudding on this tree? He chuckled. Putting his helmet back on he quickly checked to see if there were any patrols that would see him, like those two who had seemed to be flirting with eachother? Maybe. He didn't really care about homosexuals. He'd never felt any love, much less any ramantic love, so he didn't care about how anyone expressed it to eachother. He quickly rolled away from the tree and backed up against the bunker walls. Huh, no pressure sensors? Goodness, this place really has low quality defenses. He climbed up to the point where he could leap to the top of the exit. He stuck his head through the door and looked around. There were a few soldiers sipping hot cocoa. And there is the car I saw earlier... He did a flip into the room from the spot where he was hanging from his fingers and feet. Before anyone had noticed he stabbed two of the soldiers and made another's insides constrict to the point of combustion. 

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