I'm so shocked to find the requests for some people i my mail for Challenges. Well... What's wrong with them? They're asking for me to do alot of risky stuff. Here are some examples

Clear Double Rages Alone With 1 Weapon And Titan Armor. Hyper clips allowed. No healing items!

Okay, I had to admit I thought that was easy until I tried it. When you're at the boss part, it's very hard to stay unscathed by the mantisi as their attacks may be weak nonetheless there are two of them.

Make a 30+ kill 0 Death Ratio in Free-For-All Easy-Peasy. I've done that hundreds of times.

Clear Poison Pit With weapons worth below 100,000 Gold Or 10 Mithril. Easy,you didn't tell me what armor or backpack to wear.

Make a 100 Kill streak.

Ehh, This one might be hard. I'm not known for kill streaks at all.

Kill Wrath of Mantis With starter Set and weapon. Eaaaaaassssssyyyyyy XD I could do the enemy phase with my eyes closed lolz

Win A Round of Capture the Flag Against 4 other players by yourself. This is a suicide Challenge at my rank.

Defeat Serpent without using Rapid Fire weapons. Done.

Clear Siegfried without taking damage using andromedae armor Proven Impossible. No matter how fast the teeter or flinch his fireball sky-shot is impossible to dodge to to heavy armor. FLOAT is stil not enough.

Enter a map filled with the top tier players using the bottom class armor and kill at least 2 people without dying. Lol I don't remember who made this one, but don't let it deceive you. Top Tier Players are usually nice to small players and don't bother killing them. Then by surprise ou can hit them with A strong Weapon like R-700 AA.

Complete Poison Pit without moving. You really need good armor such as andromedae armor or perseus armor for this. You can lose a good 15k hp with an additional 20k hp from the boss and his anoying attacks.

Like I said before. I will be able to conquer any challenge that's possible. Post below if you dare xP