Need help for defeating bosses: Let's start out with my problem. I saved up for too long for the Crab. However I can only pull off about 5 shots before I am completely drained of ammo. I am too far off from getting the freedom back pack so this expensive gun is useless. Any suggestions? from dovakiin

well dovakiin, you certainly are not using the crab properly in the first place, the crab is for small fires since it is plasma,plasma can kill the small ones that stick to the ground, plasma is NOT made for bosses

well guys ive got a deal i must chose between the trinity or the energy glove what would you choose ? from a wikia contributor

depends, do you want to wield the hand of god? you also have to charge up the golve to do MASSIVE damage, so yeah, the trinity on the other hand, a bow that fires explosives that can do 3x the damage of the regular bow and if combined with top tier armour, PLUS online, you have a doomsday device in your hands, just reed and pull! hopes to that helping you with your problem!

have any questions? come ask vitodawn or me!... or dragonlord...

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