I have the game right now and I am enjoying it! They even kept the funny walk! Anyway when I clear MOST of the game I will issue a challenge to those who want to have a good time! Anywho to those who don't know me, I was one of the first people to help grow this wiki!

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    ALL RIGHT SO NOW THAT IM BACK I HAVE SOME THINGS TO SAY starting over 2i have a new challenge 3. THIER IS NO THREE. Anyway I'm happy to see this wiki has grown so much over the year Also can I make a page on the fanfiction wiki? Challenge: where are all the stars? Armor: viper Weapons: black stars Goal: kill every single boss that there is Exceptions: you can kill wrath of mantis twice if you like since double rages is two of them After your done: tell me your experience

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    the first map

    any armor

    only the FIRST TWO swords

    count your kills

    and the reason why i havent been on much is.... you dont want to know

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    im back... i think

    September 6, 2012 by CHRISTMUZCRACAR

    got the slasher page up I FEEL GREAT right now and i bought the black disk and the full thunder armor ( i think that's what it's called) and I LOVE IT. so how have you guys been? and who put that epic background on the wiki? and heres the 3rd challenge the flawless

    viper armor only



    fire in the hole, and stadium arcadium only!

    once you get hit you quit or you die automaticaly

    count your kills also!

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    1 and 1 question

    August 26, 2012 by CHRISTMUZCRACAR

    first, i had a very great birthday of the 17th and all was good... UNTIL I WATCHED MARBLE HORNETS,

    second, should we have a page of what the title screens looked like BEFORE the last update?

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