I been thinking for a while and what do I think would be interesting,but quite difficult to make a "Montage of Star Warfare" because mainly I see are general gameplay from modes or tutorials, nothing really to the awesome factor,( except for some vids). Also there is quite a bit of heat about clans and to be honest. When I first started playing this game. I always thought about clans, but then I thought about all the pros and cons and to be honest I think that clans would be useful for getting rookies into the game and having pros helping them out. But also I think there could be disputes between clans like clan members commenting on other clan's founder talk page becoming unknown and saying and trolling their clan members, and I mean that is what you get a little trash talk, but It could then change this page from an information page into a trash talking clan fighting talk war. So I think there should be some measures to prevent this happening. Also what is people's views on trollers of this game? Plz say ur thoughts below, as I am very interesting to what the community consensus on this.