Plasma Slug

A Trilobita.

The Trilobita is the seventh alien introduced to the Star Warfare series, and only appear in Star Warfare: Alien Invasion. It is a "land rover" type alien that has an instinctively slow speed, very high hp, low attack rate, and a highly damaging attack. Trilobitas have a mutation: Their mutations have orange hides and violet skin with blue eyes, but having only 20% less life than Mambulls, along with even higher attack power and attack radius. This mutation is the rarest of all mutations. It is easy to tell when a Trilobita is around due to its trademark sound: an unmistakable low, drone/moan.


Elite Trilobita.

The Trilobita's only attack is lobbing a high-powered, explosive plasma bomb at players. The attack is telegraphed by the plasma slug rearing its head into the air, after which a fast-moving ball of blue energy is spat at an arc toward the player. The bomb explodes upon colliding with any solid object and has splash damage, so players should prepare to move when the slug raises its head as a signal, (though the Trilobita also raises its head when killed) players can mistake its death as a preparation to attack.

Trilobitas deal some of the heaviest damage in the game, with plasma bombs during Serpent's alien rush actually doing more damage than any of Serpent's attacks: when fighting in a team of three, the damage scaling causes the slug's plasma bombs to do more than 20,000 damage points. Fortunately, Trilobitas also take their time before launching their attack just like the Tacorlion, so players can easily take them out.


  • While it doesn't appear in Star Warfare 2: Payback, its name appears in leftover achievement code, suggesting that it was once going to be in the game.
  • Trilobitas share the same attack and sound effects as the Myth371, suggesting that Freyr removed the Trilobitas in favor of the Myth371. It's unlikely they were considered the same alien since the Myth371 has its own separate game code for achievements.