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  • So, now that my college is busy in a strike without end date I am free to pursue the highest quality of memes at the midnight hours of old. Among my findings I have found these two gems. Enjoy and please share your analysis whenever possible.

    Exhibit A

    Exhibit B

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    • Ah, I see you have finally stumbled upon "Steppin' on the One Winged Beach". It is a true masterpiece. The rhythmic connection between the latin chanting the the footsteps express the ultimate unification of SpongeBob and FFVII. One can almost feel the villainous aura of Spongeiroth, as he cruely stabs poor Patricerith.

      Exibit A is a God-tier meme btw. Whoever edited that should be hired in Disney, so they can spice up Star Wars Episode VIII.

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    • Welp...all I can really say is that you've well and truly gone down the Spongebob path, at this point >_>

      Though for me personally, I'd give them a 3/10 at best -- for maximum shock factor, they need to look like they have juuuuust enough meaning to them for people try to make sense of them, and these ones lacked that <_<

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    • A Fandom user
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