• Hi there, please be careful with the page and HTML formatting as you continue your edits -- I'm noticing that several of your edits are doing things like breaking the original thumbnail links or messing up the display of wiki text (the long lines you inserted actually make things much harder to edit from source mode -- if you were trying to generate the same section break I use below, that can be done by typing four dashes like so: ----).

    There're also some sections which are written either unclearly or could be organised more clearly. If the previous edits were more informative than the most recent contributions, I may need to consider doing further rollbacks if the current edits appear too troublesome to proofread or correct.

    Edit: I just finished proofreading and editing the changes you made to the "Highest Power Bonus" section of the Optimized Equipment Configurations page, and the formatting logic felt very scattered at best (there nothing to explain the logical flow of the section, and the readers had to figure out for themselves that the two sets of number points were actually two sections about the summarised stats, and then individual armour details -- that should've at least been clearly broken up with headings or text in-between that explained what the points were about).

    The original edit you had also didn't have any meaning to the original number orders (the stats weren't prioritised in any way, and it doesn't actually matter very much whether someone reads the "Chest" or "Hand" components first). More importantly though, the stats gave had too big a range to represent an actual optimised build -- especially for "Power", when the section was supposed to tell the reader how to create an armor build with the single highest POW bonus achievable.

    Try to keep the information as concise as possible rather than adding in too many additional facts which aren't really that useful, because that just ends up cluttering up the page and creates more things to proofread. Two examples of that would be the following:

    1. Edit: After checking the page history, it seems as if the original editor actually listed both of the R.O.M.E. and Black Hole legs, so I can see how that was more of someone else's responsibility than yours on this one. Still, if you've confirmed that the Black Hole Legs are completely superior to the R.O.M.E ones, then the latter can be omitted completely if there would be no practical use in choosing it over the former.
    2. Mentioning that the MCP76 is the lightest of the machine guns: this edit in and of itself didn't actually create too much clutter, but most players wouldn't actually find the information materially useful since we're only using machine guns for their raw power -- and the MCP76 isn't anywhere near light enough nor strong enough for that 0.5 SPD difference to make it worth using more than the M-27B1 or M-Z7B2.

    Those sorts of incidental information are generally harmless on small edits, but combined together, they make it harder to pick out the most useful bits of information on the page.

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