In Star Warfare Alien Invasion, there is a game mode called "Survival" in which will you have to survive an endless wave of aliens of different types, all trying to kill you. This game mode can be reached in Single Player and Multiplayer. The one in Online Mode is endless. The ones in Single Mode are level based, except the one with the infinity sign. The one with the infinity sign is endless. It is recommended that you do infinity survivals in Single Player, so you don't lose your connection while playing. As you progress more in the levels, the aliens will give more gold, but will give more damage gain health. You will also discover new aliens along your way.


Survival consists of 8 maps in this order:

Front Line

Energy Core

Space Station


Training Base

Fire in the Hole

Stadium Arcadium

Crazy Carnival

You first start off with Front Line and have to complete all 5 levels of the map to move on to the next map. If you don't have a map unlocked, you will not be able to create that map in multiplayer, but you can still join it.

Fun Facts

You can make anywhere between 0 and 999,999,999 in cash. You will make the most money the quickest on Crazy Carnival since it has the strongest aliens.

You can get over 1,000,000 ammo a capsule after 6,000+ kills! (on Crazy Carnival)

The Mambull health matches Siegfried after 5,700+ kills! (on Crazy Carnival)

You can max every gun and buy every armor and every backpack after 5,200+ kills in Crazy Carnival!

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