The Stalker is the third alien introduced to the Star Warfare series. It has average attack power, but it is quite fast and is able to leap across moderate distances. These species of aliens are able to mutate; these variations have blue colors and are faster than the original Stalkers, as well as having higher HP and attack power. For more info, see Mutations.

Stalkers attack by swiping at you (similar to the Digger attack), and also by jumping moderate distances and dealing damage to players in their path. Though not a projectile, one can think of a Stalker as one. They will jump in a horizontal form, tricking players and dealing unexpected damage. The best way to avoid them is to survey the area and find them before they jump at you. 

  • Stalker on Alien Invasion.
  • Stalker on Payback.

Stalkers are able to jump onto objects usually inaccessible to players such as higher platforms. It is recommended that you wear an armor with high speed to counter Stalkers.