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Difficulty: ★★★★★★★

Previous map: Fire in the Hole

Next map: Crazy Carnival

Stadium Arcadium is the seventh sector of PvE, complete with 5 main levels and 1 infinite level. The Serpent level and boss fight takes place here.


This sector is a public stadium, though its backstory can only be speculated upon. Many steel structures appear tattered, collapsed, bloodied, and rusted, suggesting that many battles have been fought there; however, most of these structures are not accessible to players. There appears to be two stadiums: one for the main map, and one for the Serpent boss fight. In the boss arena, there appears to be hovering objects where supposedly the announcers might have stood while a battle was going on. It also appears as if this arena was a training/tournament type of arena since it was a Stadium.


The aliens you will face in this level are the second strongest in PvE (exceeded only by those in Crazy Carnival), with some attacks dealing more than 10,000 damage. Even the average Digger bite will dish out several thousand damage. Furthermore, there are almost no camping spots, and spawn patterns alter according to your position so it is recommended that you don't stop moving. Dodging is a MUST in this level. It is impossible to survive unless you avoid the incoming attacks from enemies. 

Recommended Weapons

  • Laser Guns: Useful for run-and-gun combat.
  • RPGs: RPG-31 and BLACK STARS specifically are useful for these groups of enemies. 
  • Energy Glove: Great for speedy group kills.
  • Sniper Rifles: Useful for killing enemies in single file or at long range.
  • Slasher: The Black Disk can saw as many aliens as possible before it explodes. 

Recommended Armors

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