Snipers in Star Warfare 2: Payback

Like Alien Invasion, Sniper Rifles are very good weapons to use in PvP as they can potentially deal large amounts of damage, and can even kill multiple players at once if they have low health. The EGT class weapons have special abilities. Dealing the finishing blow with the EGT-42 Uranus causes the target to explode, causing a lot of damage to anyone caught withing the blast. Meanwhile, the EGT-76 Obsidian fires out a beam that lasts for 2 seconds, dealing damage to any enemies that touch it during that time; if the shot is a direct hit, double damage is dealt.

In PvE, Sniper Rifles are useful in Normal, but not so much in Heroic. The EGT-42 Uranus is a good weapon for taking out large swarms of enemies and is a better alternative to RPGs. Sniper Rifles work very well on bosses on Normal, provided that you have the speed to dodge all of the attacks. In Heroic, they should only be used as long-range weapons due to their ineffectiveness against Demsters and Mambulls.

EGT-42 Uranus:

Rank 1 POW: 720

Firerate: 0.56



Cost: 600 mithril

Rank 8 POW: 2520

Rank 8 DPS: 1411.2

"This weapon is as bright as Sirius."

The EGT-42 Uranus is the first sniper rifle that can be unlocked after finishing Normal Stage 2. If an enemy is killed from a direct hit, the beam explode and deals significant damage to anyone in the blast radius (even more damage than getting hit with the beam itself in PvP).

LDK-4410 Crescent:

Rank 1 POW: 1440

Firerate: 0.56




Rank 8 POW: 5040

Rank 8 DPS: 2822.4

"This single-shot, high-powered weapon has the ability to make ultra-long-range snipes."

The LDK-4410 Crescent is the only sniper rifle in the game that can be obtained with gold. It is unlocked after completing Heroic Stage 2. Unlike the EGT class snipers, it doesn't have any special effects.

EGT-76 Obsidian

Rank 1 POW: 1080*

Firerate: 0.56



Cost: 4,400 mithril

Rank 8 POW: 3780 (per impact)

Rank 8 DPS: 2116.8 (varies depending on number of hits on an opponent)

"UNCC research scientists created this with the mystical obsidian"

When fired, The EGT-76 Obsidian leaves a laser beam that lingers for 2 seconds, which will damage any enemy who touches it. It is widely considered as one of the most dominant weapons in PvP. A direct hit on an opponent will normally cause the beam to deal double damage on impact, unless the opponent is moving too fast.

Weapon Upgrade Level List

EnergyDMGIconSW2 EGT-42 Uranus

FR 0.56

LDK-4410 Crescent

FR 0.56

EGT-76 Obsidian

FR 0.56

LV1 MithrilIconSW2 600 POW 720 GoldIconSW2 3,200,000 POW 1440 MithrilIconSW2 4,400 POW 1080*
LV2 GoldIconSW2 150,000 POW 828 GoldIconSW2 960,000 POW 1,656 GoldIconSW2 1,500,000 POW 1,242
LV3 GoldIconSW2 250,000 POW 972 GoldIconSW2 1,600,000 POW 1,944 GoldIconSW2 2,500,000 POW 1,458
LV4 GoldIconSW2 350,000 POW 1,152 GoldIconSW2 2,240,000 POW 2,304 GoldIconSW2 3,500,000 POW 1,728
LV5 GoldIconSW2 500,000 POW 1,368 GoldIconSW2 3,200,000 POW 2,736 GoldIconSW2 5,000,000 POW 2,052
LV6 GoldIconSW2 1,000,000 POW 1,656 GoldIconSW2 6,400,000 POW 3,312 GoldIconSW2 10,000,000 POW 2,484
LV7 GoldIconSW2 1.500,000 POW 2,016 GoldIconSW2 9,600,000 POW 4,032 GoldIconSW2 15,000,000 POW 3,024
LV8 GoldIconSW2 2,250,000 POW 2,520 GoldIconSW2 14,400,000 POW 5,040 GoldIconSW2 22,500,000 POW 3,780

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