For the R100-RAILGUN in Star Warfare: Alien Invasion, see Sniper Rifles

Lt Lance

Lt. Lance with a RABS-II Harbinger

Railguns are strong armor-wrecking weapons that have been widely recognized for their powerful laser strikes. They have the laser/energy ability to pass through their targets and damage the enemy behind the target. Railguns are in the weapon category of Energy (Payback Only).

Burst Mode

In Star Warfare 2: Payback, Railguns are machinegun-like weapons that can be charged for a powerful laser strike. To use the Railgun, you need to charge it up. The length of the charge determines the number of laser strikes. The length of the charge can be indicated by the target reticle or the weapon's icon.

An easy way to tell how many laser strikes will fire is by how far the charge meter has gone on the target reticle. If it passes the 1/4 line, it will fire two. If it passes the 1/2 line, it will fire 3. If it passes the 3/4 line, it will fire four, which is the maximum it can fire out in one charge.



The Railgun fares well in PvE, being able to demolish bosses with ease. However, the only disadvantage of the Railgun is its speed penalty, crippling movement to a snail-like pace. Thus, this class of guns should be treated as stationary heavy ordnance rather than assault weapons, the sluggish movement speed posing an enormous risk of being flanked by Green Ladies and being incapable of dodging projectiles. In a Boss Fight, these guns should be fired in bursts for maximum DPS, provided that the boss is not targeting you. Otherwise, switching to a lighter weapon is recommended.


The Railgun performs somewhat poorly in PvP, as the weapon's main asset, the auto-aim, is necessary to kill your target. At long range, striking an enemy is nearly impossible while this weapon is largely overwhelmed by others in Close-Range Combat. This weapon only retains some usefulness in a medium range, if the player can keep the enemy within the crosshair reticles. Burst-firing the weapon largely depends on the situation. If the enemy is stationary or slow-moving, the weapon should be burst-fired. However, if the enemy is swift, it is very difficult to land a full burst onto the target, and thus, semi-automatic or switching to another weapon is suggested.


EnergyDMGIconSW2 RABS-II Harbinger
FR 1.43
SPD -0.5
LV1 MithrilIconSW2 3,000 POW 490
LV2 GoldIconSW2 900,000 POW 564
LV3 GoldIconSW2 1,500,000 POW 662
LV4 GoldIconSW2 2,100,000 POW 784
LV5 GoldIconSW2 3,000,000 POW 931
LV6 GoldIconSW2 6,000,000 POW 1,127
LV7 GoldIconSW2 9,000,000 POW 1,372
LV8 GoldIconSW2 13,500,000 POW 1,715