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Rocket Propelled Grenade (English acronym) launchers are AOE weapons that shoulder-launch High-Explosive anti-personnel rocket-propelled warheads, which deal splash damage to all enemies in a large radius. These weapons are slow on the trigger and are quite expensive in ammo consuption, but are very effective in clearing a horde of aliens at your doorstep.

RPGs should NOT be used on boss fights (Black Stars is somewhat of an exception), unless you want to make your teammates angry or don't care how fast you kill the boss. You'll also notice that the RPGs travel far too slowly to be effective; additionally, they have a very poor firerate, making them an unwise choice for boss fights or as a main weapon in PvP, although they travel slightly faster in PvP. The Cygni Armor provides a 20% damage bonus to RPGs making it a strong efficient weapon for RPG users.


Rank 1 POW: 250

Firerate: 1.40

Energy: 120

Speed: -2

Cost: $300,000

Rank 8 POW: 875

DPS: 625

The RPG-21 is the standard rocket launcher for low rank players. It is effective for clearing aliens in the first 3 singleplayer levels, and is cheap, only costing $300,000.


Rank 1 POW: 450

Firerate: 1.70

Energy: 220

Speed: -2.5

Cost: $1,100,000

Rank 8 POW: 1575

DPS: 926.47

A much more powerful RPG, the RPG-24 is the heaviest of all weapons in the game. The RPG-24 may have a -2.5 speed reduction, but when fully upgraded it deals 1575 damage per shot. It is effective in almost all levels in single player mode.


Rank 1 POW: 750

Firerate: 1.20

Energy: 350

Speed: -2

Cost: 280 mithril

Rank 8 POW: 2625

DPS: 2187.5

The RPG-31 is the most powerful of all RPGs, as well as the fastest firing weapon in it's class. It's initial base damage is 750 per shot, and when fully upgraded, it can kill all aliens in a single shot. Energy consumption is huge, 350 energy per shot. The RPG-31 can be bought for 280 mithril, due to it being expensive most players would prefer the Black Stars because of it's three-rocket launch, cheaper than the RPG-31 and lower speed reduction.

The RPG-31's damage has been scaled down in PvP for balancing, a reason why players prefer the Black Stars for combat.

Black Stars:

Rank 1 POW: 240 x3 (total of 720)

Firerate: 1.80

Energy: 280

Speed: -1.5

Cost: 220 mithril

Rank 8 POW: 840 x3 (total of 2520)

DPS: 466.67 (x3 equals to 1400 DPS)

It is a unique weapon in the RPG class. It fires 3 rockets per shot, each dealing 240 damage (rank 1). It the slowest in fire rate compared to the other 3 launchers. The Black Stars can be used in boss battles, and a medium-close range weapon in PvP. There are also firing glitches as you can see below.

It is also the lightest weapon in its class.



RPG-21 ENG 120 FR 1.40 SPD-2

RPG-24 ENG 220 FR 1.70 SPD-2

RPG-31 ENG 350 FR 1.20 SPD-2

BLACK STARS ENG 280 FR 1.80 SPD -1.5


POW 250 (Cost: $300,000)

POW 450 (Cost: $1,100,000)

POW 750 (Cost: 280 Mithril)

POW 240 x3 (Cost: 220 Mithril)


POW 287 (Cost: $90,000)

POW 517 (Cost: $330,000)

POW 862 (Cost: $1,050,000)

POW 276 x3 (Cost: $810,000)


POW 337 (Cost: $150,000)

POW 607 (Cost: $550,000)

POW 1012 (Cost: $1,750,000)

POW 324 x3 (Cost: $1,350,000)


POW 400 (Cost: $210,000)

POW 720 (Cost: $770,000)

POW 1200 (Cost: $2,450,000)

POW 384 x3 (Cost: $1,890,000)


POW 475 (Cost: $300,000)

POW 855 (Cost: $1,100,000)

POW 1425 (Cost: $3,500,000)

POW 456 x3 (Cost: $2,700,000)


POW 575 (Cost: $600,000)

POW 1035 (Cost: $2,200,000)

POW 1725 (Cost: $7,000,000)

POW 552 x3 (Cost: $5,400,000)


POW 700 (Cost: $900,000)

POW 1260 (Cost: $3,300,000)

POW 2100 (Cost: $10,500,000)

POW 672 x3 (Cost: $8,100,000)


POW 875 (Cost: $1,350,000)

POW 1575 (Cost: $4,950,000)

POW 2625 (Cost: $15,750,000)

POW 840 x3 (Cost: $12,150,000)

RPG-21 ENG 120 FR 1.40 SPD-2 RPG-24 ENG 220 FR 1.70 SPD-2 RPG-31 ENG 350 FR 1.20 SPD-2 BLACK STARS ENG 280 FR 1.80 SPD -1.5
LV1 $3,900,000 $14,300,000 280 Mithril + $42,000,000 220 Mithril + $32,400,000
LV2 $3,600,000 $13,200,000 $42,000,000 $32,400,000
LV3 $3,510,000 $12,870,000 $40,950,000 $31,590,000
LV4 $3,360,000 $12,320,000 $39,200,000 $30,240,000
LV5 $3,150,000 $11,550,000 $36,750,000 $28,350,000
LV6 $2,850,000 $10,450,000 $33,250,000 $25,650,000
LV7 $2,250,000 $8,250,000 $26,250,000 $20,250,000
LV8 $1,350,000 $4,950,000 $15,750,000 $12,150,000

<Thanks to Drexiel for the info for RPG-31 upgrade calculations>



  • You can be able to fire the Black Stars with only one rocket or two by one-tapping the firing button.
  • The RPG-31 is a fictional launcher sitting in-between two real-life RPG models: the RPG-30 and the RPG-32.
  • Rockets fired from RPGs home in enemies when used with the Black Hole's ability.

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