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Demonstration of rapid fire pistols

"A new weapon discovered on this planet. It's extremely lightweight, can be dual wielded, and has a fast firerate" - In Game description of the TII-3 Eternity

Pistols are lightweight handguns featured in Star Warfare 2: Payback. The compact size and manageable weight negates speed penalty and allows for dual-wielding. They are currently a type of item exclusive to the sequel.

TII-3 Eternity

These handguns can be dual wielded and have a fast firerate. Although pistols are commonly treated as a sidearm due to the weak damage per shot, this is largely compensated by the Eternity's 10.0 RPS firerate. Thus, the Eternity is a satisfactory and extremely versatile primary weapon that can be used in both PvE and PvP. This weapon has the fastest firerate of current weapons, has no speed penalty, and is extremely good for bosses such as Dead Eye and Frost Stone. However this weapon lacks power so it is generally not good against Heroic bosses. 

SRM-331 Kaneria

The SRM-331 Kaneria pistols were introduced in the 1.20 update and cost 4,200 Mithril. These pistols have the same firerate as the TII-3 Eternity and have higher power as well. They also have a special effect which allows them to charge up after striking an enemy. After they have been fully charged, these weapons will deform and summon two floating disks which hover above the player and each fire a dark laser at any enemy, similar to the Nirvana. The pistols will also gain piercing properties, making these pistols a much better choice than the TII-3 Eternity at the cost of only 200 more mithril.

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