Star Warfare 2: Payback (Campaign only)



Character Attributes:



Artificially Male


Synthetic Android

"Whether you like it or not, we're in this together!"    ~PT003 to General Morgan

PT003 is the protagonist of the Campaign Storyline of Star Warfare 2: Payback.


"An important scientist, Dr. Cunningham, was kidnapped by the UNCC. Forcing PT003 to cooperate by following UNCC to an uncertain journey on a strange planet."

PT003 (Prototype 3) is the primary protagonist the player will be playing as for the entirety of the Campaign mode of Star Warfare 2: Payback. Its physical appearance can be altered by the player by purchasing new Armor/Shields and equipping them in the customize menu.

PT003, a sentient synthetic android of the Prototype Family, is the direct successor to Prototype-02, the protagonist of the prequel Star Warfare: Alien Invasion. The UNCC abducted Dr. Cunningham, a key scientist participating in the research of Mithril Energy, coercing PT003 into serving the UNCC as an elite combatant. PT003 is usually commisioned in planetary landing tasks, obliterating Alien portals and exterminating bosses.


PT003 exchanges numerous dialogues with General Morgan, usually immediately after a completed mission and (sometimes) during it. The storyline is narrated as it follows:

In-game dialogue:

Stage 1-1
Character Dialogue
Morgan Here comes planet UBP1116. You'll notice we took some liberties.
PT003 What did you do?!?
Morgan In your top left visual cortex your destination is marked and there is an additional energy detector.
Morgan Incoming, soldier up! No time to explain the new system.
Morgan Destination updated! Here's your next target.
PT003 There is a strong energy presence here.
Morgan Over, no time for rest - Move on!
Morgan On the horizon is a giant ancient legacy, and that's why we're here.
Morgan Quick, bunker up in the base - stronger enemies are here.
Morgan Good job! You've stirred up the hornet's nest.
PT003 What is this?
Morgan Aliens are surging but our "weapon systems" are still inoperable.
Morgan We are a sinking ship. You must draw away these hellacious fiends until we can repair our turrets.
PT003 ...

Personal Life

Nothing is known about PT003's personal life, only that it is a sentient synthetic android employed by the UNCC. It seems to be very concerned of the well-being of Dr Cunningham, as it is willing to comply with the UNCC by assisting them in participating in their operations, in return for Dr Cunningham's and the hostages' freedom.


PT003 (Prototype-03) is a sentient synthetic android of the Prototype Series, and the direct successor to Prototype-02. It is a bio-mechanical humanoid originally developed by human scientists based on UBW-594244, designed to closely emulate human soldiers to better combat the Alien horde. It is compatible with military armor and is specifically programmed to coordinate on the battlefield. PT003's artificial intelligence is especially advanced, allowing it to closely emulate human personalities to the extent of being sentient, as seen from the in-game dialogues, where the character possesses human-like behaviors (interrelating with Gen. Morgan and Lt. Bill). It is unknown what appearance the android has under its armour, but due to the fact that it is designed for combat practicality, the cosmetic appearance may not resemble human-like features.

The fact that the UBW-594244 Scientists granted PT003 a human-like personality suggests that the android is created to operate independently of human support and to engage in solitary missions where the ability to evaluate situations and rationalize is required. This also means that PT003 is able to maintain itself independently of human technicians and possesses a set of social skills, being essentially indistinguishable from humans.

Strangely, the Campaign refers to PT003 as a 'he'. This may suggest that gender qualities have been integrated into the android's personality programming, to give PT003 more of an identity.

The android seems to malfunction when damage inflicted surpasses a threshold, when the armor's defense system is incapacitated, and the mechanics "overheat", as mentioned by offline friends: "Find cover to cool down, your armor is overheating". This also suggests that the armors adopt an active defense system.

This android is strangely still considered a preliminary prototype model, and is still not in mass production subsequent to the events of Star Warfare: Alien Invasion, where Prototype-02 evidently proved that the idea of synthetic android combatants are feasible. This is possibly due to the fear that the androids will rise against the humans themselves.

Strangely, PT003 bleeds a blood-like red liquid upon deactivationThe possibility of it being blood may contradict the fact that PT003 is an android. Some technical explanations for this red liquid include:

  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Red coolant
  • Conductive circulatory fluid
  • Colored indicator (maintenance purposes)

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