This page details suggested weapon/armor builds for certain play-styles and purposes. For a list of the strongest individual weapons available at each rank, please refer to the Best of the Best page.

This page includes highest possible amount of every bonuses acquired through equipments, assist items, and abilities.

Highest Attack Power

Highest Possible Attack in 10 seconds


IMG 1182-1-

Thunder Armor, Jin. Jingle, M-Z7B2

Equip the full Thunder Armor and the Jin.Jingle bag: the Thunder hands give you +20% POW and the Jin.Jingle gives you an extra +40% POW in total, giving you a 60% POW bonus that makes your weapons do 1.6 times their base damage. Using the Thunder ability will multiply your total damage output by 1.5 times, while a hyper clip will double it -- use both at the same time to make your weapons do 4.8 times their base damage!

In a team

Equip the Thunder Armour and either the Jin.Jingle or the STK-00-ZZ, and have a teammate equip the STK.F backpack. You will now have +20% POW from the Thunder Hands, +30% POW from your own backpack, and another +20% POW from the STK.F team bonus, giving you a 70% POW bonus that makes you do 1.7 times your normal base damage. Use the Thunder ability and the hyper clip at the same time, and you'll now have a x5.1 multiplier to your damage for 10 seconds!

Highest Base Power

The set-up featured in the photo maximizes the base POW bonus of the armor, with the remaining stats prioritized as follows:

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Wrath Head, Perseus Chest, Thunder Hands, Black Hole Legs

  1. Power (90%)
  2. SPD (10.5)
  3. HP (62,600)
  4. Gold (65%)

Several variations can be used for some of the armor parts, depending on the player's preferences or budget:

  • Head (Wrath, 15% POW): The closest gold-bought power substitute for the Wrath Head is the R.O.M.E Head, which has 5% less power and 2000 less HP than the Wrath, while also lacking the +0.5 speed bonus.
  • Hands (Thunder, 20% POW): For players uncomfortable with the Thunder Hands' low HP, they can use the Black Hole Hands, which has 7000 more HP but 10% less power. Players willing to spend 220 mithril can also opt for the R.O.M.E Hands, which has an additional 2000 HP and 10% gold bonus on top of what the Black Hole Hands have.
  • Chest (Wrath, 10% POW): Players willing to spend 168 mithril and lose 2000 HP can substitute the Perseus Chest for the Wrath, which comes with an additional 10% gold bonus.
  • Legs (Black Hole, 5% POW): There are no substitute parts which improve on the stats of the Black Hole legs or are a cost-effective substitute, since it is bought with gold. The closest equivalents are the R.O.M.E. legs with 2000 less HP, or the Andromedae Legs with a 5% higher gold bonus, but a -1 speed penalty.
  • Backpack: (Jin.Jingle, 40% POW*): The "+10% Team POW" bonus of the Jin.Jingle will also apply to the wearer, so the effective power bonus will always be at least +40% POW for a Jin.Jingle user. The closest gold-bought substitute would be the STK-00-ZZ, which has the 30% individual power bonus and +2 speed bonus, but lacks all the additional assorted bonuses held by the Jin.Jingle.

Highest constant damage output


Full Knight, M-Z7B2, and Jin.jingle

This configuration consists of either the full Knight or R.O.M.E. armors and the Jin.Jingle backpack. The highest constant DPS for 30 seconds can be achieved by using either one of these builds with a hyper clip and the M-27B2.

The total powers of the two suits (including any hidden power bonuses) are +30% POW for the Knight, and +40% POW for the R.O.M.E. The Jin.Jingle adds a total of +40% POW during single player modes (+30% as a direct equip effect, and a +10% team POW bonus that applies even when playing alone). Factoring in the firerate bonuses of the two armors (15% less time between projectiles for the Knight, 10% for the R.O.M.E), their effective damage outputs are as follows:

Knight, Jin.Jingle

(1 + 0.3 + 0.4) / (1 - 0.15) = 1.7 / 0.85 
                             = 2.0

R.O.M.E, Jin.Jingle

(1 + 0.4 + 0.4) / (1 - 0.1) = 1.8 / 0.9
                            = 2.0

In effect, both equipment set-ups produce the highest damage output when a weapon is fired constantly. Where the power hybrid has a slight advantage over either of these two set-ups is with low-firerate weapons, where damage per shot is more relevant than damage per second (in particular, sniper rifles).

Please note that this also assumes that no other teammates have the STK.F backpack to further boost the power of the main player. If an STK.F user is boosting the power of the main player, then the Knight build theoretically becomes marginally stronger than the R.O.M.E build (less than 1% difference in output).

Highest Gold Bonus

The set-up featured in the photo achieves the maximum gold bonus possible within the game as of Version 2.94, with the statistics maximized in the following order of priorities:
IMG 0430

Black Hole Head. X-Field Chest, R.O.M.E Hands, Andromedae Legs

  1. Gold bonus (80%)
  2. HP (67,600)
  3. Power (65%)
  4. Speed (8)

Several variations may also be used depending on the player's available equipments and preferred stats:

  • Head (Black Hole Head): Hydra, Thunder, Perseus, and Phoenix heads all share the 10% gold bonus, but lack the HP and power bonus of the Black hole Head. The Titan Head shares the same gold and power bonuses as the Phoenix Head, but also lacks HP.
  • Chest (X-Field Chest): Due to the X-Field Chest requiring mithril, the closest gold-based substitute is the R.O.M.E Chest, which has 5% gold, 5% power, and lower HP. Another common substitute is the Cygni Chest, as it has 5% gold without power bonuses.
  • Hands (R.O.M.E Hands): The most common substitute for the hand armor is the Dec. 24 Hands, due to its high gold bonus, just without power bonus. Dec. 24 is for players can't afford much mithril.
  • Legs (Andromedae Legs): Players who do not favor the speed penalty of the Andromedae Legs most commonly use the Black Hole Legs as a substitute due to it being the only other leg armor which offers a gold bonus and power bonus, while also enhancing speed rather than hindering it (thus making dodging significantly easier).
  • Backpack (Jin.Jingle): Currently, Jin.Jingle reigns as the most valuable backpack as well, which offers 35% gold, 30% power, +2 speed, and 3,600 HP bonuses. With additional of 30% EXP, +20 Life Leech per kill, and 10% team power bonuses, this backpack is a master. Take note that team power bonus can add power also to the individual. It means that aside from 30% power bonus, it will be 40% as current.

Highest Speed

The highest base speed in the game so far is 11. You need the full Cygni, R.O.M.E., or X-Field armor. Alone, they both give 9 SPD. If you add STK-06-ZZ/Jin.Jingle/D-Wings, you can get a maximum of 11 base speed. To achieve the maximum speed possible, equip Thunder armor and F.L.O.A.T/D-Wings/Touch And Go. The Thunder ability totals to 11 speed. Then add it with F.L.O.A.T backpack and use its ability. Or with D-Wings/Touch And Go backpack plus hit yourself to activate its ability. Those mean you can travel faster than a Black Disk, Nailgun, or RPG-24, in the speed of 13!

Highest EXP Bonus

The Pegasus, Draco, Perseus and Dec.24 armors all offer 10% bonus EXP as a set bonus when the full armor set is equipped. Combining it with the 30% EXP bonus from the Jin.Jingle, the highest EXP bonus currently available is 40%.

Highest Defense Bonus in 5 Seconds

Formerly, the highest theoretical defense bonus in 5 seconds would involve using the Andromedae Armor's ability (written as 30% damage, but functionally applied as damage taken x0.7), the Tri-O-Avatar's ability (-85% damage, or damage taken x0.15) and a Force Shield (-50% damage, or damage taken x0.5) all at the same time so that only 5.25% of the normal damage is taken.

However, the introduction of the X-Field Armor renders this somewhat obsolete, as the armor ability not only stops you from taking damage from all attacks (with the exception of rebounded beams from the Reflection), but actually heals you if you're attacked while the ability is active. While the X-Field ability is arguably not a "defense bonus", it can effectively be used for all the same combat scenarios where one would use the set-up above.

Highest HP

Optimized Equipment Configurations

The highest HP that can be achieved is 76,000. To do this, you will need to equip the Wrath Head and Knight Hands with the Black Hole Chest and Legs. Then, add a backpack with a +4000 HP bonus, such as the S.H.I.E.L.D backpack or D-Wings, and you have a combined total of 76,000 HP!

(Note: The Wrath Head, Black Hole Chest, and the S.H.I.E.L.D/D-Wing backpacks all cost mithril. The rest cost gold.)