This is just a fun page that points out some cool or funny features of the game which you would like to point out. (This is a work in progress, please help if you can).

Lair—Dead Enemies

Plasma Slug Corpse

  • Plamsma Slug Tail In Siegfried
  • Plasma Slug Tail's Location
  • Better view of the model using wall-peek

If you play at Lair, run to the camping hill closest to the beacon tower (be sure to face the beacon tower). Now go down to its left and you will see an area to your that has a few overhangs and pillars. If you walk towards the area, you will come across a plasma slug tail. Closely looking at it, it would appear that this Plasma Slug has been flattened.

Energy Fly Remains

  • Blood trail with bits of an Energy Fly
  • Two dead Energy Flies
  • Energy Fly's corpse atop a rock
  • Crushed by a rock
  • Dead Energy Fly atop the weird beacon thing
  • More Energy Fly bits

Once again, at Lair, if you look around carefully, you will notice dead Energy Flies, either whole or in pieces. These are obviously decorations of the level. But the question is, what happened to these enemies? It would appear that these Energy Flies have been ripped to pieces, crushed, or shot at. Maybe someone (or something) else was here and performed a massacre (which would explain the blood everywhere). Observations indicate these Energy Flies have been dead for a long time (taking into account the darker color, indicating decay).

Lair—Uncommon Feature

Ancient Lair Wall Canvas


Looks like a lairgyptian canvas

Go to a lair camping spot, which is more dangerous one (the southern lair camping spot). You will see a canvas which is relatively a dog, but mixed out with maybe wolf, goat, or something. Looks ancient.

The wall is quite over layered, meaning, the wall design looks like the outer portion, but it is the inner portion of the wall, which the outer ones really couldn't be seen (invisible).

Space Station

It's an Airport

  • Ark Airport: flight departures
  • Big ol' turbine
  • Turbine, lamp, or a big drill?
  • Hey, who left the windows open?

Yup, take a close look around the level and you'll notice this Space Station is actually an airport by the name of "Ark". There is a screen showing flight departures at the main lobby. Check the side halls and you'll notice a giant turbine beyond a window and a weird lamp thing on the ceiling (if this place is in space, why is it an airport? Shouldn't it be a spaceport?).

Also, Ark Airport has "invisible walls". If you shoot a grenade launcher into one of the gaps, it will not go through.

Microwave: Circuitry Flooring


Looks legit

Ever taken a close look at the ramps of Microwave while the light isn't shining in your face? Look close and you'll notice the patterns on the ramps match that of circuitry. Don't believe it? Look at the photo to your right.

Kill House: Gangster House or Kill House?

Look at Kill House, one of the wall from the south, you will see a wall, with some strange graffiti. But in real life, we know Gangsters does graffiti every portions of street walls. Is it a kill house or a Gangster house? Also there are 3 of the wall picture or written wall. There's also a block which there are blood, more like a criminal-killing blood.

Halloween Symbols

  • Looks like a fuse bomb...
  • There are 4 on each crate but some of them are not visible

You see this? It looks like... well, it looks like it would scare a kid out of their bed, but why not? It's Halloween! Anyway, these symbols can be found pretty much everywhere in Golden Fall. Most of them are found on the crate. It might not be the most interesting features but at least it shows.

There are 41 of those symbols on the map, not 40. Try having a go counting them, I bet some of them are tricky to find.

Speedling Reference

  • Speedling's cousin?
  • Definitely

The speedling is the first enemy you encounter in Star Warfare (more specifically in the map Front Line). It is a weak enemy, but effective in great swarms. However, it is believed that the game Star Warfare: Alien Invasion contains references, or may be based on the movie, Starship Troopers. The speedling may be based off of an alien in that movie (this is more of an easter egg, but there is no where else to put it). Anyway, it is kind of a noticeable feature, since speedlings are in every level.

Tranining Base- Smoking symbol

So, this is located in 10 spots. It's quite small but obvious.

                             ^^ (according to AMBBlizz) :P