Nirvana is the third VOID introduced in Star Warfare 2: Payback.

Unlike other VOIDs, Nirvana is equipped with a energy beam and is capable of attacking enemies on its own. At level 3, the energy beam is capable of penetrating aliens, allowing it to potentially hit multiple enemies. The damage scales with that of the player's weapon equipped in first slot. The damage can also be increased by Energy DMG bonuses. This VOID does not have an ability and, therefore, is not affected by reduced cooldown buffs.


Level Materials Required
1 (Base) AzureCrystal x 11 AzureFragment x 9
2 PureFragment x 23 PureCrystal x 27
3 EmeraldRockCrystal x 80 CrimsonCrystal x 9 AzureFragment x 11 EmeraldModule x 6
4 AzureRockCrystal x 100 EmeraldCrystal x 24 PureFragment x 26 AzureModule x 6


  • Nirvana can sometimes shoot through walls, but will deal no damage.

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