UberMillennium RailgunPro

aka VocaloidDefender/HatsuneMikuDefender

  • I live in New York City (Manhattan) Lower East Side(Chinatown), Came from Changle, China
  • I was born on October 17
  • My occupation is Defending Vocaloids, and contribute to Wikias, making as many edits as I can, currently grounded on SW Wikia for extra 6 months... translating VOCANESEs' songs' titles, a Fujianese
  • I am Male, Supreme Commander of Operation Vocaloid, Operation Touhou, Operation Pitchloid/Fanloid, Operation Frozen, can speak, read, write Mandarin (though not all), HS Freshman
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  • I'm going to advise from using the word "seckill" in any future main article edits: while Freyr includes usage of the word in SW2, it doesn't appear to be widely used across the Western gaming community as a whole (I'm finding most references to the word to mostly be around Chinese gaming and internet gaming communities, with little usage in more English-focused games).

    More than that, I'm finding that the article quality just reads more poorly when anything is said to be "seckilled", because the word seems like slang at best as opposed to formal English suitable for well-written pages.

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    • Undead.exe wrote: I'm going to advise from using the word "seckill" in any future main article edits: while Freyr includes usage of the word in SW2, it doesn't appear to be widely used across the Western gaming community as a whole (I'm finding most references to the word to mostly be around Chinese gaming and internet gaming communities, with little usage in more English-focused games).

      More than that, I'm finding that the article quality just reads more poorly when anything is said to be "seckilled", because the word seems like slang at best as opposed to formal English suitable for well-written pages.

      Ok, how about "instantly get killed"?

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    • Provided it doesn't create any new grammatical errors with where it's inserted into, that's acceptable phrasing, yes.

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    • Got it.

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    • I've also noticed that you tend to try and reword a lot of sections to "take massives chunks of bosses' HP".

      Aside from the grammar error in this particular instance ("massive[s] chunk[s]" -- plural/tense mismatch), I'm finding your edits with those areas to generally read worse than what the original wording was. I'd honestly have to ask you why you felt that edit was necessary when the original wording was "quickly eliminate the bosses".

      The grammatical quality of your edits have still been somewhat hit and miss, so I'm needing to devote more attention than I'd like to most of your edits. If very little improvement is being made to the articles, I may need to ask you to either minimise or stop making edits to the mainspace articles, as I don't think there's much groundbreaking  advice to add for newer players that older wiki editors haven't mostly covered already. Most of your edits have felt more "for the sake of it" rather than contributing anything significant info- or quality-wise, to put it rather harshly.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi there,

    So I see that you've recently wanted to add your own section to the Photographer's Club, which is perfectly fine, but there was one particular edit I was genuinely curious about.

    With your last edit here, what were you trying to do, and what did you do specifically to make that edit (e.g. did you copy-paste it into word and then perform a find-and-replace function or something)? You've turned just about every link and line of text on the page into a link to your own profile page (including the header links for every other user on there).

    I'm assuming that was accidental, but if a mistake that big is made during an edit, I would rather the page be reverted to a previous edit version if you don't know how to correct it, and one of the previous edits was less broken overall. If you didn't notice it, then please make sure to check over the page to ensure it's displaying and coded correctly after each of your edits, particularly if you're doing something more complex that doesn't involve just the text. I've just finished correcting the page formatting to how it should have looked, but I can't say I enjoy fixing things which weren't broken before.

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    • Knight Head POW bonus corrected.

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    • Doing a quick re-read of your test details right now is showing me:

      1. Mantis will die after 36,260 worth of damage is dealt to it (two R700-AA shots with a hyper clip and suit bonus of +85% POW)
      2. Mantis will survive if just 35,000 damage is dealt to it (ten R100 shots with no power bonuses)

      As it is right now, you've confirmed that Mantis's HP lies somewhere between 35,000 - 36,260 when fighting it alone -- more than accurate enough for most intents and purposes, but if you want a more precise number for your personal project, you'll have to start exploring combinations that let you test ranges in-between those (I'd personally suggest checking if it can survive the 35,500 or 36,000 ranges first).

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi there,

    I'm afraid some of your edit summary descriptions are starting to lean towards being provocative or confrontational, since they're coming out along the lines of "who's making those mistakes? really?" or "Who managed to get this wrong?! Come on now."

    I'm going to ask you to either refrain from making those unnecessary descriptions, or to otherwise leave the edit summary description entirely blank if you're not understanding which ones I mean by provocative descriptions. As much as I understand wanting to improve an article, attitude directed at editors past or present really isn't necessary.

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  • Hi there, please be careful with the page and HTML formatting as you continue your edits -- I'm noticing that several of your edits are doing things like breaking the original thumbnail links or messing up the display of wiki text (the long lines you inserted actually make things much harder to edit from source mode -- if you were trying to generate the same section break I use below, that can be done by typing four dashes like so: ----).

    There're also some sections which are written either unclearly or could be organised more clearly. If the previous edits were more informative than the most recent contributions, I may need to consider doing further rollbacks if the current edits appear too troublesome to proofread or correct.

    Edit: I just finished proofreading and editing the changes you made to the "Highest Power Bonus" section of the Optimized Equipment Configurations page, and the formatting logic felt very scattered at best (there nothing to explain the logical flow of the section, and the readers had to figure out for themselves that the two sets of number points were actually two sections about the summarised stats, and then individual armour details -- that should've at least been clearly broken up with headings or text in-between that explained what the points were about).

    The original edit you had also didn't have any meaning to the original number orders (the stats weren't prioritised in any way, and it doesn't actually matter very much whether someone reads the "Chest" or "Hand" components first). More importantly though, the stats gave had too big a range to represent an actual optimised build -- especially for "Power", when the section was supposed to tell the reader how to create an armor build with the single highest POW bonus achievable.

    Try to keep the information as concise as possible rather than adding in too many additional facts which aren't really that useful, because that just ends up cluttering up the page and creates more things to proofread. Two examples of that would be the following:

    1. Edit: After checking the page history, it seems as if the original editor actually listed both of the R.O.M.E. and Black Hole legs, so I can see how that was more of someone else's responsibility than yours on this one. Still, if you've confirmed that the Black Hole Legs are completely superior to the R.O.M.E ones, then the latter can be omitted completely if there would be no practical use in choosing it over the former.
    2. Mentioning that the MCP76 is the lightest of the machine guns: this edit in and of itself didn't actually create too much clutter, but most players wouldn't actually find the information materially useful since we're only using machine guns for their raw power -- and the MCP76 isn't anywhere near light enough nor strong enough for that 0.5 SPD difference to make it worth using more than the M-27B1 or M-Z7B2.

    Those sorts of incidental information are generally harmless on small edits, but combined together, they make it harder to pick out the most useful bits of information on the page.

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  • Hi there; I just saw a couple of your comments and edits on the Xmas Surprise boss page, and I thought I'd share a couple of things about quickdrawing and the game's firing mechanics which might be useful for fighting against bosses as well as in PvP.

    Whenever you have the right stick held down or your weapon is in its attack animation, your character actually moves about 1-2 speed slower than normal. The easiest way you can check this is by running around with a sword or a rocket launcher, and then holding down the right stick while you continue to run -- you should notice that your character suddenly slows down quite a bit compared to when you're not trying to fire the weapon at all. Even if you stop holding the right stick, your character will continue to move slowly until your RPG has stopped doing its recoil animation, or your sword has finished its swinging animation.

    Assault rifles and laser guns have a much shorter recoil animation, so you'll almost go back to moving at full speed immediately even if you accidentally tap the right stick -- with a sword, you'll move slowly for almost a full second if you accidentally swing it, since it needs to do two full swings before it resets. This means that if you have difficulty quickdrawing into a machine gun, you might actually be safer doing it from an assault rifle or laser gun, since the mistake penalty is much shorter. The only real advantage that a sword has over rifles or laser guns for quickdrawing is that you won't use any ammo quickdraw the machine gun (otherwise, most people who quickdraw from swords are only doing it for the looks, or because they're copying what most Thunder players like to do on Youtube).

    That'll be the reason why I removed melee weapons from the recommended equipment for Xmas Surprise though: while it helps you save a small amount of ammo, the risk of it slowing down your dodging is actually quite significant for people who aren't used to quickdrawing. More than that, the same strategies of dodging and quickdrawing can be performed by assault rifles and laser guns with much lower risk of slowing yourself down, so those two are much safer recommendations for people who need help against that boss.

    (Edit: I just remembered something which makes the sword a much riskier quickdrawing weapon -- the swinging animation actually resets if you change from moving to stopping at the wrong time, which actually slows down your speed for even longer than just two swings of the sword. Based on all of that, I personally really can't say melee weapons are a better recommendation than assault rifles or laser guns for fighting any boss -- they're more vanity weapons for experienced quickdrawers.)

    This is also useful advice for PvP, because it means that you can dodge and run much faster if you stop trying to shoot your weapons: if you ever go up against someone using the Trinity, you'll find that you can run away from their shots a lot more easily if you stop shooting, while they continue to fire at you wildly (which makes their speed much lower than yours).

    As for your remaining edits around here: I appreciate that you're trying to contribute to the wiki, but I'm particularly strict with whether edits are adding correct information or are grammatically correct. While I don't want you to feel like your efforts are being denied, I do tend to just revert edits if the information isn't accurate (e.g. the stats of the Wrath Armor in the two games -- neither their individual parts nor their stat totals are identical at all), or if the edits mostly introduced spelling or grammatical errors without really adding any new knowledge. I'll try to preserve any new knowledge you're adding, but please understand this.

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  • Wasn't UberStrike shutdown?

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  • Hello there, UrberMilennium RailgunPro. I would call you Urber if you don't mind.

    Just a little piece of advice: Some users warned you before, but I am just gonna fuss in and gave advices too, as a bureaucrat in this wiki. The wiki doesn't accept comeptitive behavior and swearings. I understand that your a person who swear, (I am not accusing you of that, but in my mind, you do in real life, if not, don't get offended) I had friends that love to swear a lot. But even so, this wiki doesn't accept it, and you gotta obey it.

    That doesn't mean I don't swear, but in fact, I do a bit. But no one is perfect. Its the best if you watch your language before publishing any offensive comments. Judging from your profile picture, you love to play the game, urber strike, right? I am not pretty sure, but some of my friends say it had a lot of cussings inside the game, but as I stated, I could be wrong. I know cussing/swearing are used to emphasize irritation, and anger, but you could use another word like "Crap" or any other word, besides cussing.

    You've been warned 2 times, usually 2 times can caught yourself into a short ban. But we show mercy upon you by warning you. We would not like to see our community become a cussing community. Also, please do not try to impersonate as an admin if your not one of it. That's a foolish boast, more likely a false boasting. I guessed, you said that just so you cam earn respects from other users. That's not gonna happen, earning respects is to respect others. Not by powers.

    I apologize if you get mad of Stryker's behavior -- he removed your statement about being an admin on several wikis and saying "If you are, I am gonna die laughing". His just emphasizing his irritation, don't get offended. If you are, try to calm down. Don't harass him, and never start a conflict with him. That can cause you a ban.

    Again, I meant no offense in my whole paragraphs, I am just trying to advice you. Not flaming you. If any questions feel free to ask me or any admins/semi-admins here.

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    The Pure Fighter
    The Pure Fighter closed this thread because:
    Stated below.
    23:50, May 17, 2014
  • Hello there UberMilennium RailgunPro. I saw your comment back in the Cygni armor page and I have to say, this wiki does not condone if such language as f... I am going to ask you politely to change such behavior, next time a 1 week warning will ensure. Remember that to be part of our wiki you must abide by its rules. If any doubts arrises feel free to contact me or ECSL(our main admin). Cheers.

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  • Please don't use swear words again in a demeaning way. We want this wiki to be a friendly place.

    Thank you.

    BTW: can admins NOT ban him immediately but warn him?

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  • Hi, welcome to Star Warfare Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Sniper Rifles page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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