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  • Hey Inferna,sorry for not crediting you in my video,I was so stressed that I forgot to add anything before the outro.

    I will voice credit you in the begining of my shoutout video,comming in a day or two

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi everyone,

    Alright, this is my goodbye massage. As you see, this wiki is ripping apart. We have spammer, insulter, boaster, also Traitor.

    At first when I join this wiki in November 2013, I am annoyer that annoy everyone in this wiki. But, when a time pass for a months, another wikia member teach me how to live in society with another people.

    The most important lesson that I get from all of you is the way how to live with another people in society with peace.

    At first, my objective is to see how to play game in pro, but result not way to play game, but the way to live with Stranger.

    But long time later, I saw that our site objective is change.

    Many member changes, at first he is very good guy. But now, as you can see. They are public enemy.

    At that point, I was think to continue set myself to this wiki. And looking it grow.

    But now, This is final point. I am out now,

    But before I go, I have some special thanks to these member.

    1: Dragonfighter38: The one who welcome me to this wiki. Well, even it is Automated massage.

    2: The pure fighter: Thank you for advice, really appreciate it. Also, thank you for test me and play with me in PvP mode.

    3: ECSL: For useful advice, and for playing with me.

    4: Donut88: Thank you for give advice about Autodesk Maya. I promise, soon you will see my Animation. And for playing.

    5: Rask91: Well, even you changed. I can remember when you tried to send the data of RecordMyscreen and it source. Thank you

    6: StarWarFare Universe: Thank you for be only one wiki member that can speak Thai.

    And also, All wiki member that I found in this wiki.

    Secret massage: (Valdr, Shadurr, or your proxies.) you use to be a good guy, but I have my last word for you, Remember your activity and think what will happen next also.


    (Lock bag)

    I guess I have completely my farewell massage now.


    GOODBYE EVERYONE, I hope we will see another later.

    Thank you


    13.28 (GMT+7)

    Bangkok, Thailand.

    "Note: You can add me on kik, username is confident. You can ask it from pure fighter, Donut88, Or David Saikou111

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    • Rask didn't change. He came on yesterday reevealing he's allied with Shadurr. Doesn't seem like change to me.

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    • Bye inferna123... it was nice talking to you and all...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Armando has requested for me to contact you that it is very possible we will have a clan battle around Saturday. Cheers!

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  • Why did you add a photo at this user's profile page without permission?

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  • I am now got 200 edits! yeppie!!!!!!!!!!. I will edit more in the future.

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  • Uh, what do you think you're doing? You just ripped off the main premise of Call of Duty Ghosts. Try thinking of your own ideas, like the other people did.

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  • Is your clan off-wiki?

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  • Jom55

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Heyo, Inferna

    I noticed you Put your fanfic in Writers' Block (fanfic listing) Page, I removed your part, where you put In Star Warfare Fanfiction, Thats only the link to the Fanfic wiki, NOT this wiki.

    To put Your Fanfic inside the Box, Follow the step:

    Go to your fanfic --> Go to the place where the Put Category is --> Write "Fanfic" Inside the Category box. Then it'll be done.

    All the best, Pure Fighter :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Pls answer this Before 1 week, To show that your active.

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