Difficulty: ★★★★

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Lair is the fourth sector of PvE in Star Warfare: Alien Invasion, complete with 5 main levels and one level with an infinite number of waves. The Siegfried boss fight takes place here.


This sector is within a large, rocky canyon. There are two main hills that you can camp on and two lower flat areas where the aliens appear. There is a large beacon tower toward the center of the map, though the purpose of this structure is unknown. There are also many alien carcasses, supporting the theory that this is the central alien sanctum, thus the name "Lair." It could also be suspected that this is Siegfried's home, as he is the boss of this area.


This map is not recommended for armors below Titan, as the enemies' attacks are powerful and will take a lot of HP from you. The Dempster is introduced to this map, along with its mutation which can damage up to 6000 health. Like always this level becomes much harder then Space Station and below.

Recommended Weapons

  • Laser Guns: Enemies can withstand damage from Assault Rifles, so the upgrade is useful.
  • Plasma Guns: Useful for its splash damage.
  • Grenade Launchers: Useful for taking out large groups of aliens.
  • RPGs: Convenient for taking out clumps of enemies if you have a battle ground.
  • Machine Guns: Excels in this map due to the elevated hills and wide plain of alien spawn points. 
  • Snipers: Great for camping on the hills and taking out enemies at long range. 

Recommended Armor