Items can be found and bought in the Store. These are used for short, one-time abilities that aid you in combat. 

Note: To use an item in battle, you must first put it in your backpack in the Customize menu. During a game, tap on the box at the bottom of your screen and tap an item to use it. You may use items in all game modes. (You can also have multiple items in your backpack, like weapons. It just depends if your backpack has enough slots, so choose carefully on your weapons and items!)

Items fall under two categories: Assist Items and Health Items. Assist items are items that either increase your damage output, speed, or reduce the damage attacks do on you. All assist items are temporarily, and last for thirty seconds. Health Items simply add health to your health bar.

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Health items: Descriptions and Costs

Minor Health: $1000

Restore +800 HP at once!

Small Health: $2500

Restore +1500 HP at once! 

Medium Health: $7000

Restore +3500 HP at once! 

Giant Health: $20000

Restore +8000 HP at once!

Great Health: $40000

Restore +25000 HP at once!

Full Health: 1 mithril

Refill your HP at once!

Aid kit: Descriptions and Costs

Small First-Aid Kit: 1 mithril

Rebirth in battle with 30% HP!

Big First Aid Kit: 2 mithril

Rebirth in battle with full HP!

Assist items: Description and Costs

Booster: $2000

Spd +2. Lasts 30 seconds

Force Shield: $2000

Reduce damage taken by -50%. Lasts 30 seconds

Hyper Clip: $2000

Adds 100% Pow. Lasts 30 seconds