What is an IAP

IAP stands for In App Purchase. This is a system in which you can get Mithril quickly, by purchasing mithril. It is an alternative way of earning mithril instead of farming bosses or doing the free Mithril offers. You pay real money and you get Mithril. The amount of money you pay is directly proportional to the amount of mithril you get. There are certain different fixed values of the amount of money you can pay and get a certain fixed amount of mithril. You can convert mithril to gold but not vice versa. It's not only for Mithril but also for things like a basic package and also a direct promotion to a higher rank. IAP may have a sale but it doesn't happen very often.

How to make an IAP

To make an IAP you need to go to the bank icon which is above the customize and store icon. There you can make an IAP by tapping on the icon which you want and confirm your purchase.


List of the IAP's

Following is a list of IAP that can be made. (In dollars-standard form)

  1. Rookie Package - $0.99
  2. Free promotion to Sergeant Major (rank 9) - $2.99
  3. 10 Mithril - $0.99 -- £0.69
  4. 24 Mithril - $1.99 -- £1.69
  5. 72 Mithril - $4.99 -- £2.99
  6. 168 Mithril - $9.99 -- £6.99
  7. 666 Mithril - $29.99 -- £24.99
  8. 1430 Mithril - $49.99 -- £30.99
  9. 4000 Mithril - $99.99 -- £69.99

Note that these prices are in dollars and may vary in the currency of other countries.

The most popular purchase is the 168 Mithril pack for - $9.99 -- £6.99

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