This page will tell you how to automatically change your Android nickname everywhere it appears on this wiki by editing a single template.


  1. Go to the Android page, type in your wiki username into the field, and then press the "Create Android Placeholder" button. You will generate a template page titled Template:Android/(username).
  2. In the page you're now editing, type your name between the <only+include> tags.
  3. Delete the + signs from the <only+include> tags, and leave the second line intact (that's to make the page appear automatically on a list later).
  4. Once you've done that, publish it.
  5. After publishing your Android placeholder, type {{Android/(username)}} when you want to display your Android name on a page you're editing -- the code you entered will display as your GC name when you publish the page.

When you want to change your Android name, simply edit the placeholder page that you've created (i.e. the one found at<your username>) -- your name will automatically change on every part of the wiki where you're using the {{Android/(username)}} function to display your name.

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