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Lag-based Glitches

Delayed Damage/Death

Lag can cause attacks on aliens or enemy players not to register until data is sent and reconciled between players. As a result, it is possible for damage against aliens and enemy players not to register for several seconds, and then spontaneously die when the data is reconciled. Similarly in PvP, you may appear to spontaneously receive damage or die for no reason if lag is causing you to appear in a different location on another player's screen, as they will be able to attack your character on your screen and thus transfer damage from their game session to yours.

Running in place/Teleporting


The Disorientating Aliens blood bath

Lag may also cause enemies and players to spontaneously teleport, walk into walls, or become temporarily immune to damage. It may also cause a crowd of enemies to appear to die multiple times when the death animation is replayed continuously, resulting in a disorientating blood bath.

Lagging Boss


What the heck? HAX!

Lag can also affect bosses: they may become temporarily immune to damage, walk on air or travel underground, slip through walls and outside the map, and spontaneously teleport, frequently causing players to be knocked over when the boss teleports right on top of a player. Lag may also cause a boss to become stuck in a particular animation or movement, which may result in bosses standing still until they die, or may result in a boss continuously walking circles around and through a player, resulting in high levels of collision damage.

Playerless Laser Cannon Beam

IMG 1515

Glitched Laser Cannon beam without player

If a player drops out of a game due to lag while firing the Laser Cannon, a glitch can occur where the animated graphic for the Laser Cannon's beam continues to remain in the match where the player was before they dropped out. The beam graphic seemingly does no damage to enemies, and the Laser Cannon's firing sound no longer plays.

It is speculated that the beam graphic remains in the game because it is a single, continuously animated graphic as opposed to multiple animated graphics (e.g. each bullet of the M-27B1 is its own graphic), and it is therefore also speculated that this glitch cannot be replicated with weapons which fire multiple discrete projectiles (i.e. you cannot perform this glitch with an M-27B1 so that bullets are spontaneously being shot out of thin air).

Playerless Aura

Playerless aura

This seems to work just like the "Playerless Laser Cannon Beam" glitch. This guy seemed to lag out while he had an Energy Shield still active. Like the Laser Cannon, assist items and armor/pack abilities produce a continuous, uninterrupted aura. It seems to fade after its set time is used, however, unlike the Laser Cannon beam, which stays in place for the remainder of the match.

This effect also seems to be triggered by a player dying and leaving a match before the item/ability time runs out, and is not always caused by lag.


Double clone

Cloned player

This occurs when you first start a game and continue to change your position, until your name appears twice in two of the boxes. Once you're in the game, you will have a clone standing in front of you. The clone will be using the same weapons and armor as you, but cannot move.

Double Flag

Double flag

Lag can occasionally cause a second flag to spawn during a CTF game.


Some timed matches will freeze at 0:00. This also applies to CTF and A41 matches. The timer will fix itself randomly, so sometimes you have to wait a while for the match to actually end or in CTF/A41, make a capture. If the glitch happens in CTF, and the player holding the flag gets killed, it usually results in dropping the flag (which is unfair).

Floating Player Glitch


Floating Player


Floating Cygni guy

This glitch is very strange as when the lag occurs. This glitch shows that an enemy and/or teammate player is floating, higher than the fly of the Blademaster and F.L.O.A.T. backpacks. The floating player cannot shoot or act anything, except it only stay above in the sky until the lag is reconciled. This may also happen where in PvP, when someone is killed they might be floating. This also occurs on aliens, too. You can't kill floating players unless the lag is reconciled.

PvP-Ping Glitch

This lag-based glitch occurs when a player with an explosive weapon or a lightsword attacks you at point-blank range. This usually results in losing connection for a good several seconds, or leaving the game completely. This glitch frequently coincides with the Delayed Damage/Death glitch.

Alien-based Glitches

Targeting Glitch

In PvE, some enemies will not be recognized as a target and cannot be killed (the crosshair will not turn red upon aiming at a glitched alien). However, it is possible for glitched aliens to attack players. Currently, the only known weapons which can take out target-glitched aliens are the swords, If you're playing Co-op, another player could kill that alien if they don't experience the same glitch with the same alien. However, light swords And the MZ's saw can kill the alien whether or not it's a registered target to other weapons.

The glitch presumably corrects itself after some time has elapsed, because there have been no reports of targeting glitches stopping players from reaching bosses.

So far, there has been one recorded instance of a boss being target glitched, in this case the purple Rage mantis.

Outside Spawn Glitch

IMG 0408

Alien can be shot from here.

Some aliens naturally spawn outside the map first before entering through a wall or the floor. However, some do not exit the outer area and can stop the game from proceeding if there is a progress bar. For example, energy flies can get stuck in some abnormal places, such as the walls of stadium arcadium, or the cliffs in the central area of fire in the hole. If an enemy is stuck in the wall, it can be killed with a sniper when using the wall glitch.

Alien floor glitch

A alien stuck at the floor

Alien Floor Stuck

Sometimes, before teleporting to the boss, there is a chance of alien stuck to the floor, and massively preventing the player to pass. The alien is, thus, stuck at the floor with sometimes has some parts of the body seen, and sometimes completely not visible. The stuck alien is unable to be killed. The only thing to do to get rid of the glitch is to quit the current match. This glitch often happens when 2 players are playing.

Disappearing Boss

Where is Serpent

Where is Serpent?

Some bosses may move outside the map while performing certain attacks, and remain stuck there for the rest of the match. However, you can still kill the boss, if you find where it is stuck.

In Serpent this happens when he is about to go in a portal in a wall.

If a player stands in front of the boss and damages him when he is about to go through a portal, Serpent disappears.

Forever Dead Alien Body

Not leaving

He's been here since the start.

This glitch, however, sorta happens. The alien body didn't vanish for the rest of the battle. Plus, there is no more blood in the alien body.

However, this is not confirmed to be serious or not.

Underground Serpent Glitch


First of all, this doesn't mean of the Serpent Attack move. Instead, this is the glitch when Serpent's body level has dug a few meters to the ground. For instance, this means that his body level became low as some of its parts are below the map.

This happens when Serpent glitches into the wall but comes out with his head sticking out of the ground. Making it harder to hit him, also making the game's playtime longer, since when he moves or "dash" attacks, his entire body is underground (including portal attack).

Undamagable Boss

When players die or quit during a boss fight, there is a small chance of having the boss' health completely frozen. The player cannot be able to deal damage to the boss, yet the boss can deal damage to the player. The boss cannot be killed, even if the player uses a Collapsar VOID. There is no way to remedy this, and the player is forced to leave the match.

Teleportation Glitches

Invisible Weapon Glitch

  • No rifle.
  • NO WEAPON!!!!
  • Lets go boxing!!
  • Fistfighting Sieg.
  • Invisible Laser Cannon (Kamehameha :P)Go to Invisible Weapon Glicth

Players who switch their weapons while teleporting to the boss will experience this glitch. Right before the scenery changes, your weapon will show while you're invisible. Then the weapon may be invisible during the fight, making it look like you're shooting from your hands. (Looks like the Kamehameha if you use the Laser Cannon.)

Weapon-Triggered Glitches

Recoil Glitch

Ever notice that when you use a rocket lancher, switch to another weapon, then back to it, the recoil animation is fast and choppy? That's the recoil glitch. This glitch applies to all rocket launchers, grenade launchers, shotguns, and even the Black Disk. With the Morpheus, the recoil animation can be completely removed and it will fire without stopping unless you move. In contrast, the Black Disk experiences the opposite effect during its animation when executing the Synthesis Combo, the recoil animation of the Black Disk will execute in slow motion, depending how much you use the combo. Disks will fire normally, but the recoil animation will be slow. If you want it to stop firing, move around.

Explosives Glitch

Grenade glitch

When excessive usage of explosive weapons causes a player to turn invisible (primarily through the usage of weapon combos), a second glitch is also triggered where the player's explosive projectiles are no longer fired from the barrel of their weapon: instead, the projectiles spawn at a predefined point on each map. This predefined point usually seems to be at the absolute center of the map, though exceptions have been observed (e.g. Air Crash).

With the exception of grenades, projectiles will spawn at this predefined point and immediately explode. Grenades will bounce vertically on the spot in most maps, although they have been observed to fall from the ceiling on Garage. The projectiles will continue to spawn so long as the glitched player does not cease fire (the weapons will continue to automatically fire unless the player makes themselves visible again, which seems to happen if the player stops and moves after a set period of time).

The explosions and projectiles will not hurt aliens or opposing players. The person who triggers cannot see the glitch themselves and the glitch will end if the user leaves the room or otherwise stops firing (e.g. by dying, switching weapons, or cancelling the invisibility glitch). The player can also make explosives spawn more rapidly from this point by switching between glitched explosive weapons: doing so often causes the sound effects of the explosions to distort, both to the glitched player and to observing players.

Fire-rate Glitch

Glitched LIT07

Normal firerate: 0.28

For whatever reason, the rate of fire for assault rifles and laser arms can be glitched to fire faster than usual. Triggering the glitch involves entering a PvP match with the target weapon(s) in your bag. Upon leaving the match (regardless of whether you won, lost or quit), you can confirm the weapon's changed firerate in the customize screen. The glitch will remain active for the next match you play unless you terminate the game from the taskbar: the firerate will revert to its original value after one match if you play any PvE game mode, but the glitch will continue to propagate itself should you continue to play PvP matches.

For example, you will notice the picture states the LIT07 has a fire-rate of 0.18, as opposed to its normal 0.28.  Again, this only seems to work for ASSAULT RIFLES and LASER GUNS. It will not work for other weapons from what Ive seen, even Plasma Guns.

  • Let it be noted that while the customization screen confirms its fire rate is faster and fires quicker in combat, the weapon will deal no more damage than its original fire rate.

Laser Cannon Glitch

Ever noticed that an enemy isn't receiving damage even though you're shooting dead-center? No, this is not a lag-based glitch. Sometimes, the enemy won't be a registered target. This applies to both PvE and PvP. This also applies to the XMAX-TREE, given they are both very similar weapons (same reticle).

Weapon Handling Glitch

This means of having weapon attack effects have been overridden from a weapon. For instance, using a weapon and quickly change it to another weapon during usage effects will make the current weapon will act like as what the exchanged weapon do. For example, using a light sword and switching it to a railgun will transfer the usage effects of light sword to the railgun, instead of instantly quick firing the railgun. As tested, it can also transfer special effects from an exchanged weapon to the weapon currently used, like the windblade slashes. This occurs because whenever you switch into another weapon, you must wait the full firerate of the weapon until the weapon's said firerate is over. It is like shooting a weapon once, but nothing actually comes out. This is because of the removal of combos since 2.50.

However, when the current weapon is used when still acting the exchanged weapon effects, this doesn't damage the enemy. Plus, when using any rapid weapons (like assault rifles and machine guns, excluding Laser Cannon), the rapid ammunition usage effects of the exchanged weapon will not be shown in the current weapon. Instead, it just show the effects of how the exchanged weapon moves.

Miscellaneous Glitches

Single Player Glitch

Werid single player glitch

Notice the left hand corner; You will see the player indicators 2, 3, and 7, all in single player mode

The glitch happens when you play single player and other number appear on the left hand side like online. It happens, maybe, after playing a PvE or PvP online match.

HUD Glitch

17000 112104628947644 1458642495 n


Not sure how to trigger this glitch. It just sorta happens.

Reports indicate that the glitched graphics will move according to what is happening on your screen, though it is presumed that only the glitched player can see this graphic.

Textureless Glitch

  • Texture glitching in one color.
  • Texture glitching in two colors.

In very rare instances, the game has been known to fail to load one or more textures, resulting in untextured models being displayed in solid colors (primarily pink and grey).

This glitch does not appear to be exclusive to Star Warfare, as several other games running on Unity have been observed to display similar colors when the game fails to load a model's texture.

Victory Glitch


Not real sure how this happened, but probably loss of connection right as the next round started in this particular PvP match is my guess. The camera was in its normal position, but got stuck still doing the fist-pump that your avatars do upon winning. From lack of a name, I've called this the "victory glitch" for now.

Empty Slot Glitch


Why can't I hold all these numbers?

Go to the Customize menu, then to your Package menu. Drag an empty slot from your backpack to the package empty slots. Do this multiple times and a number will appear, as if it's holding multiple items. The numbers will remain present even if you close the app. To get rid of them, drag the slots into your backpack.

Roof Kill Glitch

When you kill an enemy on the roof in stadium arcadium, the remains of the enemies will go through the roof and instead, be on the ground.

Player Number Glitch

  • So, which player is which?
  • The end result. Notice the player number.

This is a rare glitch that may happen occassionally. If you enter any co-op map, there is a chance the player number indicator may be the same for two players, thus unable to tell who's who.

Wrong Team Glitch

This glitch happen often (especially at V.I.P) at PVP. When your team won, the win/lose indicator show the wrong result; instead of "You Win", it shows "You Lose". It probably means that both teams are indicated lose, but the real thing is one of them wins.

Autobalance Glitch

This glitch happend at Version 2.50, where when you are autobalanced, your number/color indicator is still in your team that joined before autobalance occurs. But, while other players see the current indicator, this means that you, yourself, can see it.

^As of 2.71, this glitch has been fixed.

Camera Position Glitch

  • Normal camera position.
  • Camera position elevated.

The glitch is triggered when you leave, win or lose a PvE match, you press "Detail" in the statistics screen and it will show you the total gold, VOID materials earned, and more. After that you tap "Continue" then the game will direct you back to the lobby. When you join another PvE match, you will notice that the position of the game camera is affixed a few feet higher than normal. Using RPGs in SW1 and SW2 can cause your camera position to rise up, but that is normal. The camera glitch will remain until you either win, lose or leave the current session. You will no longer experience the camera glitch in upcoming matches.

Unmanned Fort Glitch

In Star Warfare: Payback, if you activate the Mighty Bulldozer after the Machine Gun Fort, you will leave the fort unmanned and instead ride the Mighty Bulldozer. The fort will stay there until the end of the match.

Weapon Slot Glitch


Instead of the weapons that you posses in your Co-op inventory, your weapon slot will show a different weapon. A particular weapon will remain functional to the player, however the weapon slot shows weapons that you have never equipped in the first place.

For example (refer to the picture on the right), you have equipped a SoulHunter, a BloodSeeker, and a Crescent in your co-op load out. Once you have joined a match your weapon load out in-game is contrary to which weapon you are supposed to use. The SoulHunter remains your current weapon, but the weapon slot instead shows a UNCC-010 Precursors assault rifle.

Another instance of the glitch is the "swapped" weapons hailing from your PvP load outs.

End Sequence Glitch


This glitch has been active since version 2.95. Whenever you finish a PvE/PvP game, as the end cutscene initiates, the heads-up display (HUD) remains visible. The movement and aiming stick, the pause/leave button, the weapon cycling, health and energy counters, scoreboard/progress bar, suit and backpack abilities, item selection slots, and crosshair remain instead of being invisible for the duration of the end cutscene.

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