General Morgan

General Morgan is the lead general of the UNCC and the main person who supports PT003 in his journey of defeating the alien invaders, besides Lt. Bill whom is sent to assist on the battlefield.

Whom is he?

General Morgan is a Supreme General that works for the UNCC and controls what PT003 and the rest of the UNCC are doing. He appears to be a major character in Star Warfare 2: Payback given his great amount of dialogue and being the main person present at the introductory Tutorial. Very little is known about General Morgan before he was in the UNCC, but it is likely he was some kind of soldier before his current position. Morgan is as well the first major member of the UNCC PT003 encounters in the storyline.


General Morgan, current head figure of the UNCC.


General Morgan controls the UNCC and directs everyone who is part of the organization. It is unknown if Morgan works for another society or unknown group, since he is putting PT003 on dangerous quests and has been shown kidnapping people to help the UNCC's ulterior goals. He helps with PT003 in the Singleplayer campaign, however it is truly unknown if Morgan is using PT003 for good or bad purposes. Morgan serves as a major character in the storyline and not much is known about his past before he was in the UNCC.


  • He is the first person to give any dialogue.
  • He and Dr. Cunningham are the only members of the UNCC that do not appear during gameplay Missions in person.
  • General Morgan gives the most dialogue out of any other NPC.

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