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This page is for the people on this wiki that want to play together through Game Center. You can type your Game Center name next to your wiki profile below.

Please note that there appear to be separate servers in this game: players who are currently in Asia appear unable to play with most players in other regions: players in Asia will not be able to see matches hosted by players in other continents, and vice versa. Server segregation does not appear to be strictly geographical, as players in the U.S., Europe and Australia are able to play alongside each other.

Users who wish to join clans or like to frequently change their name around should read the How to create a GC template on this wiki page -- this will simplify changing your name across multiple pages once implemented.

Please Note: any clan tag that uses [square brackets] should not be made into a link in the page underneath, or it will break the visual editor. Admins may remove the link or the gamertag if necessary.

Current users

You will need a wiki account to be listed under this section. If your GC name is the same as your wiki name, you do not need to list your GC name afterwards.

Players residing in Asia may wish to indicate this fact alongside their names so other people can tell whether it's ordinarily possible to play with you.