Frozen Pole is the third map introduced in the Star Warfare 2: Payback single player campaign. This level presents itself as a snowy, aftermath of a winter solstice or the beginning of an Ice Age. There are thousands of meters of snow and ice covering a once beautiful landscape. The Frozen Pole is first encountered in Stage 3. The level introduces the Myth371, which is a jellyfish-like alien that can shoot plasma balls at the player. Frozen Pole is home to one of the more stronger aliens. Like all the other levels, it has 5 stages, a boss stage, and 1 explore stage.

Frozen Pole is also home to Frost Stone, which is a colossal frost alien. This is when the game starts to get extremely brutal. The game starts ramping up the health and damage of the aliens thus making this one of the hardest levels. The Frozen Pole also has a number of portals which are "spawners' allowing alien to enter the cold and harsh area. The Frozen Pole does not have a glow effect and is a large map. The Frozen Pole is also similar to the map "Hillside" which both have a wintery type of theme.

This is also the only stage in Star Warfare 2: Payback that only introduces one alien (Myth371) which makes it significantly different compared to the other stages whom introduce two aliens or more. It is generally a good idea to grind a lot of money in this stage as the next stage is Lava Core which is an extremely brutal stage and introduces one of the most strongest aliens such as the Mambull.

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