There are many fighting styles one might use for playing Star Warfare: Alien Invasion or Star Warfare 2: Payback. This page will cover the many strategies that veteran players use while playing the game.

Star Warfare: Alien Invasion

Armor Set-Ups

While the X-Field Armor is the latest and seemingly most powerful armor in Star Warfare: Alien Invasion, most players can fare pretty well without it. Some players can even defeat players using a full set of armor by using hybrid or mid to low-tiered armors. You can choose armors that benefit your playstyle or strategy. This section will cover commonly-used Armor Sets and strategies on how to use them.

Thunder Armor:

The Thunder Armor is the most recommended armor for those who do not have the mithril to buy high-tiered armor. This armor, while having a low amount of health, has an ability that allows it to deal the second-highest damage in a single shot from a sniper rifle (rivaled with the Reflectionist aka Atom/Reflection combo, which deals over 10,000 damage in a single shot), while also having the highest DPS for other weapons for the duration of the ability. Both the R700-AA and Reflection are recommended with this armor set.


Using the Ability

The Thunder Armor's ability is best used whenever it is possible, and is most effective at taking out individual players. Trying to use the ability while surrounded by a lot of players usually results in a split-second death due to its low health, wasting the ability.

Perseus Armor:

The Perseus Armor is a gold-only, well-balanced armor. It has a 40% melee resistance set bonus and 62000 HP. It is a very common armor, and is regarded as one of the most well-balanced armors out there.



Due to it's melee resistance and high health, the Perseus armor is seemingly designed for sword fighting. Using this armor with a decent Lightsword will allow one to win most sword fights. One can furthur boost this resistance by equipping a defensive backpack such as the Tri-O-Avatar; when confronted with a sword user, one can activate the ability to become almost untouchable by swords.

Cygni Armor:

The Cygni Armor is a 'high tier' armor designed for speed and RPG usage. It has the highest speed in the game (tied with R.O.M.E and X-Field Armor). It also possesses a 20% RPG power bonus, making it suitable for big RPG users.



When using the Cygni armor, one can exploit the armor's high speed by employing a hit-and-run playstyle. This involves striking hard and fast, and then using your superior speed to outrun and out-maneuvure your opponent, before returning to quickly finish them off. One must be weary, however, that using the Cygni armor can make aiming hard (particularly when using a sniper rifle).

Knight Armor:

The Knight armor is a very powerful and durable endgame armor that costs mithril. It is the second-cheapest mithril armor in the game (behind Pegasus Armor). As such, it is reccommended for people who do not wish to spend excessive amounts of mithril on other endgame armors like Black Hole or Phoenix. It possesses a 15% fire-rate bonus and a 30% POW bonus.


Increased power

Because the Knight armor has high power and a bonus that increases fire-rate, it is recommended to use fast-firing, powerful weapons such as the AST-KK, M27B1, Crab or MZ7B2 with the Knight armor so as to maximise average damage output. This can allow somebody using Knight to quite easily overpower people using most other armors.

Star Warfare 2: Payback

Harrier Armor:

The Harrier armor is currently the most commonly used armor among experienced players, with an ability that can make you invincible for five seconds at the cost of a two minute cool down. This armor is a close equivalent of the X-Field armor from Star Warfare: Alien Invasion, except that instead of attacks giving you additional health, after the ability is done, it gives you a shield that has the health equal to the amount of damage you took while the ability after reaching 1 health. Beware while using the ability, called "God Blessing," as you can still be damaged while using the ability, the ability, however, will prevent you from dying.


Using the Ability:

Try not to use God Blessing** at full or high health since if you do not take damage greater than your total health, the amount of health given through the shield will be equal to the amount of damage taken, which means that no additional health was gained. A much better way of taking advantage of the ability is to use the shield while you are at low health, so that damage taken while the ability is taking place will add to the amount of total health you will have, and thus you will be able to sustain more damage.

Killing a harrier person after God Blessing, use execute I stress this hit them once or twice then you can kill them twice as fast because harrier bonus you lose health but you don't die making execute powerful at getting rid of their shield fast also has an added bonus of messing with their God Blessing's timing giving you a better chance of killing the opponent before they use the bonus

Weapons and Backpacks:

The PWC-I BloodSeeker is capable of a high damage rate at close range. Almost everyone of your opponents will carry one, so it is recommended that you take one with you into combat as well. The EGT-76 Obsidian is capable of extreme damage at long range. It is recommended that you buy this weapon if you have the mithril.

The Meteor is a midrange weapon with a parabolic arc and splash damage, which is recommended to be used with Harrier since it allows you to take out enemies that are trying to run away from you with ease.

The UNCC-822 Soulhunter decreases the victim's defense by 20% and decreases the amount of health they regenerate from abilities and potions by 80%. It is recommended to use if you find that you are being taken out by a Cure user.

The Immortal backpack is the best choice for a Harrier user, as you will be able to regenerate your health back up to 40% after an opponent has damaged you. The Merge is the gold-costing substitute, but you will have a hard time regaining health after fights.


It is recommended that you get a Twilight void for any armor set up, as it can deal massive damage while also equipping the Bloodseeker, as well as granting you the ability to charge at people firing at you with a ranged weapon. Recommended bonuses for a Harrier user are FCD and Melee DMG. Max HP is an okay substitute for FCD, but FCD is recommended to speed up the cool-down time of God Blessing. This, when combined with FCD potions, allows you to use your ability for almost every enemy you come across.

The Catalyst is a substitute to the Twilight. It can deal massive damage, but can only be comparable to the twilight if you manage to get Max HP. The other recommended bonus should be FCD.

Catalyst is best used after harrier to take damage instead of shield getting hurt and then deal back damage after they hit it and in that time you also hit them (so catalyst explosion plus sword hit and immunity to an opponent) takes out a lot of their shield preserving your shield

Catalyst before harrier can substitute for harrier on a minor harrier skilled person preserving your harrier for a second opponent or used to let you activate harrier long after your opponent so you can hit them when their shield is down making them panic to hit yours giving you a lot of shielding

Catalyst only down side is it won't block a twilight or sec kill/energy strike and won't give you the teleport to catch a running opponent



An example of a cure loadout that does well against harrier users.

The Cure custom load-out can be created by equipping a helmet with green polarity, a blue chest piece, green hands, and yellow boots. With it, you are granted the ability Cure, that restores all of your health, as well as an additional 1 extra speed. The Cure load-out has a few advantages over Harrier: its ability has a shorter cool down time of a minute. It essentially gives you a second life if you use the ability when you are low, giving you the ability to win most fights. It is faster than the Harrier armor, meaning you could potentially escape an immune Harrier and finish them off after their ability is finished, and it allows you adapt a "hit and run" playstyle: healing up while avoiding fights ensures that you are full on health in every battle. The cost of this is lower base health, (although the ability makes up for this) no defense or power bonuses, and the inability to fight against a Harrier user besides running. These users can usually be identified wearing the Falcon armor helmet, along with using the rest of the Harrier armor set, sometimes replacing the chest with Krypton.

When using Cure, there are three main important points: You need the right gear, including a total of 4000 mithril for the whole set of you want to be fast enough to outrun Harrier users. You need to take advantage of your Cure ability, and you need to know how to swiftly evade Harriers when they use God Blessing, making them immune to death. Try saving your twilight charge and using it on a harrier user just before they use their shield, killing them without having to deal with the shield. Sneaking up and backstabbing your opponent combined with this strategy can get you a fast kill.

Weapons and Backpacks:

The PWC-I BloodSeeker is pretty much a requirement if you want to successfully defeat most opponents. The superior damage and firerate makes this weapon capable of dealing massive damage; just know that your opponents will be packing these too.

The Comet-II, while seemingly a weak weapon, should not be used to damage your opponents at all. Instead, try switching to this weapon after a Harrier user has used their ability, then take advantage of the +1 speed and run.

The Soulhunter can be used to weaken your opponents, as the gun will make its victims lose 20% defense and heal 80% less health from abilities. Shooting it momentairily to give your opponent the debuff before using your blood seeker will allow you to deal more damage. Beware opponents that have this weapon equipped: being shot by this gun will make your ability only heal 20% of your health. Your best bet if shot is to engage them in sword combat and hope that the debuff wears out before they can kill you. Running is futile; you can still be shot by the opponent.

The Obsidian is a great weapon to use to fight back enemy Harrier users that will also likely have this weapon; fight fire with fire! It's ability to deal extreme damage at long ranges makes it worth the high mithril price tag. Alternatives if you do not prefer to use a sniper are to use either the Meteor or the Pistols.

The Merge is the recommended backpack for this loadout. The shield will come in handy for blocking that first sniper shot or sword slash. When you are low on health, the shield will allow you to survive for a bit longer before you can use the Cure ability to get back full health. Other backpacks are generally not recommended to use with this loadout.


The Twilight and the Catalyst are both good choices for this loadout. Max HP will make you a lot tougher, as having essentially double the health with your Cure ability allows for double the health gained from this perk. It is highly recommended you try for a VOID with this bonus. Melee Damage is the only logical choice for the second stat bonus, as the extra damage will give you a better chance of winning sword fights.

Void perks for either catalyst and twilight on a cure setup depend, but rabbits foot is the best choice for a first perk, this helps you use speed to an even greater advantage to out run harriers.

For a second perk it depends on what you want to go for: Over all damage increase- cubic attack- after using cure or catalyst/twilight you get a 35% damage increase helping even out the damage for that short while because cure doesn't help damage wise. For survival -steel shell(sometimes immunity to block hits but not as efficient)- because of the lack of health cure gives you, steel shell will protect your health if you don't have a max hp increase, but the cure bonus fully restores your health to have it keep working, making your cure load out more durable but doesn't help against obsidian snipers. Or for damage/specialty -Execute- because it increases damage by 100% when the opponent has less than 40% health left, this is increadibaly helpful because it raises your damage and can take out a harrier or cure opponent before they use their armor bonuses, thus saving yourself from a longer harder fight and will preserve your abilities for another fight.

Perks and Potions:

For sword lovers, the perks Sword-Mastery: Long Arm and Sword-Master: Backstab are recommended to be used to significantly upgrade the capabilities of your sword. Sword-Mastery: Backstab significantly increases your sword damage as long as you can adapt to the strategy of running around your opponents and aiming for their backs. Note that many players will do the same to you, so in sword fights, you and your opponent will be constantly running in circles while swinging your swords, trying to get the bonus damage from the Backstab perk. Bloodthirsty is a must for restoring health. Sword Defense allows you to resist more sword hits and take less damage. The final perk slot is recommended to be Swifty Step, which increases the firerate of your weapons to deal more damage overtime.

If you like to use sniper rifles, consider replacing other perks for sniper-oriented perks such as Sniper-Mastery: Burn and Sniper-Mastery: Dexterity. This can increase sniper rifle damage output and is recommended for users who are excellent snipers.

The Crazy Potion, which increases your weapon fire rate by 15%, is recommended to be used over the respective weapon damage booster potions, as it will significantly increase the damage that you can deal over time. The Haste Potion is recommended so that you can run from enemy Harrier users who have used God Blessing and to chase enemies that are running from you. The Dexterity Potion is a must have, especially if you are using the Harrier armor. Alternatives to the speed or firerate potions are the shield potions, the highest tier of these gives you a shield with 60% of your total health.

Corrosion Armor:

Corrosion is an armor that has high health, fast speed, and a unique ability. The armor is very versitile in PvP since the ability becomes more powerful with the pickups. The armor has a very strong advatage over Cure if you are lucky. Finding a full health pickup will allow you to have two extra lives, while having faster speed, higher health and stronger damage and gold bonuses. The Corrosion set gives the user greater agility and power over Harrier, but the Harrier armor can defend themselves against the ability of Corrosion.


When using Corrosion in PvP, use your speed to your advantage. Having a VOID such as a level 3 or higher Twilight or Catalyst will help you with close range protection against BloodSeeker and shotgun users. While at a mid to close range attack, use a Bloodseeker with Sword-Mastery: Long Arm for closer range and a meteor or pistols/ assault rifle for a middle range attack. While using Corrosion for long range combat, use an assault rifle or sniper rifle for best results unless you are good with a Meteor. If you are cornered as a Corrosion user, use a shotgun or sword, then use your VOID as a distraction and damage output to weaken your opponent. Once they are low, try getting far away and sniping them or using your sword/shotgun to kill them. NOTE: many people have the perk The Same-Way Grenade, so be careful so you do not lose your health or die after killing them.

VOID: Using a Nirvana with Corrosion is usually ineffective. Use an offensive Twilight or Catalyst for maximum damage. Using a Hygeio can give you extra health, but in PvP, you might be dead by the time it heals you. What perks you want on your VOID are completely up to how you fight.

*Note: The Defense and FCD formulas are not as they say they are. The correct formula is Base Cooldown / (1 + Base Cooldown)

**Note: God Blessing's cool down is not 150 seconds and is actually shorter than the Previous Skill ability.

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