Energy Strikes are a new attack introduced in Star Warfare 2: Payback Energy Strikes are attacks released from a battle satellite after obtaining the killstreak for it. Energy Strikes are air-strike type attacks that have the ability to affect enemy players in many ways. When an Energy Strike is summoned, a map of the entire area will appear (with the exception of the Terminal Energy Strike). Tap on the map, and select the area where you want to release the Energy Strike. Once the Energy Strike is released, a beacon will appear on the area where you released it, and all players within the beacon will be affected by the Energy Strike. So far, there are 5 types of Energy Strikes in Star Warfare 2, the Massing Energy Strike, the Continuous Massing Energy Strike, the Unsteady Energy Strike, the Deceleration Energy Strike, and the Terminal Energy Strike.

Massing Energy Strike

The Massing Energy Strike is an Energy Strike that has the ability to seckill (insta-kill) players. When this Energy Strike is summoned, a beacon will appear, and a laser strike will be released from the sky, killing all players within the beacon. There are two other counterparts to the Massing Energy Strike, the Continuous Massing Energy Strike, and the Unsteady Energy Strike. The Continuous Massing Energy Strike releases a laser strike every 6 seconds three times. This Energy Strike is most useful for surprise attacks on enemies, but is the least accurate of the Energy Strikes. The Unsteady Energy Strike releases 3 Energy Strikes within a 30m radius. This Energy Strike is useful for clusters of enemies, but is less accurate due to the fact that the Energy Strike bomb in the interface is much bigger than normal and makes it unpredictable where exactly the Energy Strike will land. It is recommended that players stick to the Massing Energy Strike for more accurate kills.

Deceleration Energy Strike

The Deceleration Energy Strike is an Energy Strike that slows down all players within the beacon by 5 for 20 seconds. This Energy Strike covers a larger area than the Massing Energy Strike, and can have a variety of uses. One way is to release the Massing Energy Strike where the Deceleration Energy Strike is released since players have no actual way to escape the area of the beacon. Another way would just be to kill them while they are slowed.

Terminal Energy Strike

The Terminal Energy Strike is a special Energy Strike that can be used to end games. This Energy Strike does not open an interface, and instead every single player will become bombed with numerous Energy Strikes. Once this Energy Strike is used, the game immediately ends, and the player who used it (or team if it is not a FFA) will automatically win.

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